On bytes and beauty

Class 0B
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Calm – Rhythm

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Negative shape – low contrast


Asymmetry – Diagonal: Very nice!
Calm, Rhythm: Very nice image, although the rhythm looks too uniform because the coins are arranged from smallest to largest. Rhythm would mean that the distribution of coins follows something that... well, resembles a musical rhythm (such as small-small-BIG-small-small-BIG). But otherwise, the image looks REALLY good, plus it has a nice "depth" effect (coin arrangement from small to big gives impression of perspective). Negative shape – low contrast - Again, very nice photo. But this time I'm not seeing the negative shape really. Did you mean the fact by negative shape the way that the empty space of the bottle is filled with the species? (if that's the case it doesn't really responds to the keyword, I can elaborate in class why). Plus, the contrast is really strong between the white background and very dark bottle, so watch out for that! Otherwise, a nice photo!
Thank you for your feedback , i don't know for some reason the first thing that comes to my mind when i think rhythm is uniformity but i understand that creating a pattern with coins and repeating it would also be rhythmic as for the negative shape , the aim was indeed that one and i would be interested in knowing why it can't be considered so .