Observing The Ordinary

Ana Corina
Class 3A

ACTIVITY 1: Eating Cereal

Eat Cereal_1Eat Cereal_2Eat Cereal_3Eat Cereal_5Eat Cereal_4

Find attached a short video where is perfectly clear what my activity is about and how anxiety and the amazing taste of this combination make me eat more cereal: Eat Cereal_6

ACTIVITY 2: My Night Tea

Nuevo doc 4_1 Nuevo doc 4_3 Nuevo doc 4_2Nuevo doc 4_3Night Tea_4Night Tea_5

Video for this activity: Night Tea_6

ACTIVITY 3: Talking With My Parents

Talking with parents_1Talking with parents_2 Talking with parents_3Talking with parents_4

Activity 4: See my watch

See my watch_1See my watch_2See my watch_3

Object 1: Retainers

Retainers_1 Retainers_3 Retainers_4 Retainers_2

Object 2: Earrings

Earrings2 Earrings1

Object 3: Fork and Knife

Knife and Fork1 Knife and Fork2



So far so -very- good - just please note you are still 2 observations short (need at least 7 to complete the task). Also, if you can add some yellow/red smileys on the observations you done so far, it will make working with them much easier.