Session 3A | Mar 26, 2016

Session 3A | Mar 26, 2016

Observing the ordinary





Object – Contact Grill

What is the primary use of the object?

As the name suggests, it is used for grilling/toasting. The baking plates provide for preparing items like toasts, fish, meat, etc.

How does the object fit in your daily routine ?

grill 2

What parts the object consist of?

Just the list of parts that make up the grill.


How does the object relates to human body?

The 4 tiny corner legs indicate that the object is something to be placed on a flat surface. The integrated handles are for protection against the hot baking plates of the grill and for easy handling of the grill lid. The floating lid assists in having a varied range of differently sized items to be prepared in the grill. The function of the grill is pretty straightforward and simple and does not require much human effort..

grill 3

Form and function.?

Initially, the grill takes about 3 minutes to warm up after which the lid of the grill is lifted upwards and the food item is placed on the base of one of the baking surface, bringing down the lid with the other baking surface on top of the food item such that the food item is stuck in between the 2 baking surfaces. The indication light goes off after about the 4-5 minutes indicating end of baking, however, additionally the food item can be kept for a longer for a crunchier feel.


grill 1

How does it sound, smell, taste



The grill has helped me significantly in not only reducing but also efficiently manage cooking time and become a part of my everyday life……


IMG_20160406_223518IMG_20160406_223540 IMG_20160406_223636 IMG_20160406_223727


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  1. Neko says:

    Great start, Gaurav!

  2. Neko says:

    This was great start, but then after this you didn’t upload anything. Please note you need at least 7 observations to complete the task (and they should be formatted in Object Sheet or Activity Sheet, see post 3A for details).

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