Observing the ordinary

Class 3A

Activity 1

Observing the ordinary

:)Hi Neko! I have tried to focus more on this two new activities, I hope this is more or less what you meant and It is fine

Activity 2

Eating cereals

Activity 3

Waking up routine

Object 1


Activity 4

Doing the laundry

Object 2:


Object 3:




Great start, Norma. Now I would advise to get more detailed - see my comments to Manuela, for example, they all apply to you. Thanks, looking forward to see more.
BTW - A tech tip: when you scan something, there is no reason to export to PDF if you can export to JPG. The reason is that scanned material is always in raster file format, so nothing is gained by exporting to PDF (which is great for vector stuff, like shapes you draw in Illustrator).


Thank you Neko. For the next observation I will try and focus on a more specific action or an object, and describe as many details as I can. And thanks for the tip!!


For a reference, see Gonzalo’s observation of hygiene, more concretely how he described physical sensations (and resulting feelings) while brushing teeth or using deodorant. You don’t need to use the ‘tree diagram’ format at all, just take a look at observations he wrote, about how does it really *feel* to perform some action or use some products. In these small details there is a great potential for design inspiration.


Hi Norma - activities 2 and 3 and object 1 are great. Activity 1, please try to focus more (choose just one of the topics) and format into sheets. And then you are still 3 observations short (you need a total of 7 to complete the task).


Hi Neko! I have posted two more objects and one more activity. For the activity you told me I should focus more, can I just change to other one more simple?