Class 3A

What my daily routine is like…

Well, I usually wake up around 8, even in the weekends. The first thing I do right after waking up is check what time is it and think about how much time do I have before I have to get up. Probably one of the things that improve my mood in the mornings is to remain in bed for 15-20 minutes after I wake up, thinking how comfortable and warm I am in my bed. Oh, and during that time,  it is crutial for me to play some chill and good-vive music to start off the day in a good mood (and not to fall asleep again)

One thing that I do EVERY SINGLE MORNING is to step out of bed with my right foot. It is not that I am supersticious or anything, it is just something that I do unconciously. Well, after thtat, the next thing I do is to look for my slippers and a hoodie. (One of the reasons why I remain in bed is because I like that feeling of warmth while everything else is cold…) I really get in a bad mood when I have to look for my slippers, which are usually beside my bed, when the night before I forget them in the living room or under the desk where I study.

After that, I directly go to the kitchen, with the radio on, and fill till the top a bowl of cereals. Then, it comes the first dilema of the morning… what milk should I use? The normal one, which is better for my parents economy but worse for the poor cows, or the soja one, which is WAY more expensive but that makes my concience clear? Mmmmm hard decision… but as usual, if you can’t decide… go for both, so, after¬†filling the bowl with two types of milk (which actually tastes even better) I warm it up in the microwave (only in the winter), and in the meanwhile, I keep eating cereals (without milk).

I usually have breakfast by my own because my parents have already left to work, so I have my phone with me to look through facebook or tumblr to see what has happened in the world (or in my friends’ lifes).

Now, here comes the first disappointment in the day: there are no cereals left in the bowl… and the second dilema: should I have more? The answer is usually the same: ‘no, c’mon, you’ve had enough’. So I drink the milk that’s left on the bowl and put it into the sink.

This is how I feel when I wake up:

How I feel when I eat cereal:

To be continued…

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Fun! :) Next step, try observing an object, and use the Sheets I've just posted online (see email for details)
Great work!