Session 1C | Nov 15, 2015

Session 1C | Nov 15, 2015

Nuclear Weapons Poster Ideas

Ujal Gorchu

Illustration is not thebest but you get the idea.

poster 1

Frst version of the poster , sorry a bit messy. My computer crashed and I forgot to save the second one. Ill be posting it shortly.



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  1. Neko says:

    Dude, I can’t quite see it as the image is HUGE. Please resize in photoshop to about 1000px width (and whatever heights come up) and upload again :)

  2. Neko says:

    This juice sketch is quite promising. Of course, I’d try avoid the ‘nuke’ sign. I don’t know, maybe the more potent visual would be the Earth being juiced out into blood (right now looks like we are juicing some kind of bomb).

  3. Ujal Gorchu says:

    Well, I do agree that the nuke sign is too obvious but the initial idea itself was something as a product (literally)of the nuclear weapons.

    • Neko says:

      You are a smart guy, you’ll figure out a way to tell this story without reverting to obvious symbols.
      One reference that might be helpful:
      Now if instead the “juicy salif” juicer by Phillipe Starck you use a sort of a stylized rocket missile, and Earth instead of lemon (with glass full of blood), then you’ve got yourself a simple and potent image.You can disregard the background, but what I like about the image is that it is a real physical composition : things really stand there on that concrete block, versus your sketch which looks like stuff is floating. This makes your sketch more diagramatic, and while nothing wrong with your sketch, I just thing the “physicality” of the image I showed you makes the concept stronger. And it’s a bit more simple. Plus this juicer really looks like a rocket with these feet.
      Ok. Your turn :)

  4. Ujal Gorchu says:

    Yeah, the sketch was just the first part,and I actually want to make a photo not an illustration. But i don’t know where to find an image of a juicer I can work with on photoshop.

    • Neko says:

      It’s an ambitious image you want to make :)
      In a best-case scenario, this image would be modelled in 3D and then rendered, with final touches in Photoshop.
      In a not so perfect world, you would stage the real photo, or take photos of individual elements then do a photomontage in Photoshop.
      But then there is another option, you can instead choose to do an illustration instead. This way you’re not shooting to do photorealistic thing, but something iconic. Some flat style, for example such as:

      Now before you say “But I want to make a PHOTO” – hear me out :)

      Great part of being a professional is knowing what is the thing that you can do with given time (and/or budget).
      This may not often be the BEST thing you can do (in fact it NEVER is), but it is the best thing -under circumstances-. Being designer is working within limitations and it’s all about making the best of the situation.

      My advice to you: don’t worry about how to take this photo. Instead, try to REALLY nail down the composition of the image, including what shapes you exactly want to give to each element (especially the juicer as it’s the crucial part – it needs to look both like juicer and a missile). Start drawing by hand, and gradually make your sketches more accurate. Try to find the perfect balance of curves, especially for the juicer/missile. What you are trying to find is the form that’s instantly recognizable and iconic.
      Then I would suggest you try and make an awesome poster in Illustrator. If you do a good job with finding good composition and good form, doing a poster in Illustrator will be easy enough that you can do a fantastic work for Sunday deadline. This may even be good enough that you don’t want to explore trying to take photo.
      However, you CAN, after this deadline still work on this image before the competition deadline, and then you can either try to elaborate the photo shoot, or directly model everything in Rhino (during the next two weeks you will learn how to render!). Then you can submit the photo or a rendering-based poster to the real competition.

      But my point is, whatever technique you want to do the final competition project, you still need to perfect the form and the composition, and Illustrator will probably be the best way to do that (see the tutorial #3 about drawing curves, etc…). Don’t jump into photo or modelling before you have completely figured out everything. So I would suggest you really explore the option to do the poster in Illustrator first. As I said, it may already be good for competition, and if not – it will be a valuable study you can use later to do the image in other medium.

      Also read my today’s post (1D) about relationship between the “class deadline” and “competition deadline” as well as using manual techniques.

      • Neko says:

        In fact it may surprise you that some of the images, of say, phones, tablets or laptops that appear in marketing, including Apple’s are often 2D illustrations done in Illustrator (so that they could perfectly control every aspect of image, including creating effect of metal through use of gradients). Most often they are 3D rendered, though. Photos of the products – they are almost NEVER used.

  5. Ujal Gorchu says:

    First of all, want to start by saying on behalf of the class that we REALLY appreciate the amount of effort you put in us.Thank you.
    So, I don’t know how the copyright works with these images (let’s say a photo of a juicer that has no composition or whatsoever.) So I don’t know if I can work of a photo or not.
    Of course I would rather have that object and everything I need in order to make a photoshoot but as you mentioned before- we never get everything we need and therefore we need to improvise.
    About the rendering..I think it would be really cool even though I am not completely positive that I can grasp it that fast. But who knows, we’ll see.
    Ill definitely start working out the shapes and the symbols and then switch to illustrator. Will try to bring some sketches for tomorrow.
    Thanks again.

  6. Neko says:

    Orange orange: there is a lot of confusing elements here. :)
    First the rocket looks like a rocket (yeee! :) ), but does not like a juicer (especially with the thing that runs through it). Then the glass doesn’t look like glass and blood doesn’t look like blood (especially because it’s black and not horizontal).
    The earth does look like earth, but the graphical treatment is completely different than anything else. Also blood below the earth is cool. But then again there’s another black spike above the earth that adds to confusion… Let’s see the second verison, and always remember to save your work often! :)

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