Nuclear Disarmament Sketches

Class 1C

Here are some of the sketches I ve chosen that contain different ideas and maybe even different meanings.


photo 2

So this first very quick sketch was a result of my vision of possible future, simply a couple wearing gas masks and hugging. You can see that both have 2 hands around each others shoulders and two arms resting on the sides- freaky idea of possibilities of mutation. The caption ‘Is this your future?’ contradicts the calmness of composition and brings awareness of extra body parts etc. , makes a viewer immediately push THIS future away, think about responsibilities of mankind and hence of usage of nuclear weapon.

About the design- I thought of making the poster very simple, minimalist (same idea you recommended to Hoang with Ipod advert)


photo 3

Quite straightforward, I haven’t thought about composition much, just sketched the idea of raising attention of nuclear disarmament through the famous anti smoking campaign. ‘Dare to try ONE?’ talks about no return point once the process is launched.

Once again, simple design – maybe making everything in axonometric, schematic style.


photo 4

I liked the link between smoking and nuclear weapon (although might be too harsh for smokers, but its not the point) , and started developing this concept.

I turned to the famous 50’s tobacco posters. This particular sketch was a process of substituting my idea into the old poster:


I ll think more about the text, but the meaning stays the same- whole load of irony. Especially I think that the history of tobacco campaigns and the subsequent proof of the harm of smoking brings the idea that since the nuclear weapon is currently in use , we haven’t learned from our mistakes in the past. And hence: don’t be foolish- act  now etc.

I imagined that the poster would combine the typical 1950s American poster style (as seen above), but as well have some elements (such as the evil smile and the missiles for example) that would stand out by the means of use of digital tools.


photo 5

More about the same idea. The main difference here is the famous Red Button and that non the less common expression ‘ Don’t press the red button!’

The pack of ‘cigarettes’ in perspective kind of invites us to press the tempting button, in addition to the bold letters on the pack.(there should also be an exclamation mark)

 I thought of this poster as a contradiction, like when somebody tells you not to do something and you  do it simply because you were told not to and vice versa. Apart from childish games, I think it can be quite a strong psychological trick, if used correctly.

In addition, the finger coming down to press the button brings the anxiety and in a way portrays the current situation in the world, when the nuclear weapon can be launched any second soon. Creepy and teasing.

Simple, use of colours and composition as main design elements; everything drawn on Illustrator ( that’s how I imagine it to look like).


photo 1


Here a slightly different idea, and again taking a famous poster as a ‘template’ to make the form more familiar, recognisable in a way.

Idea is basically – a great danger/controversy towards the IHL (International Humanitarian Law) and the whole world.  Being a very creepy set of regulations itself, the IHL will be completely destroyed once the nuclear weapon hits a populated area (for example), as all the population and different nations will be affected instantly. So there is no more neutral parties. Moreover, IHL states ‘ The prohibition of certain inhumane weapons’ as one of its rules.

Now when I look at it once again, I would definitely get rid of the big question mark or make it more subtle and fading into the background more. Or put it back after ‘LAWS’ where it was originally.

Illustrator for the design and the emphasis on form and colour once again.

That’s about it for my first sketches!


Very good sketches. The first about crippled part is scary, but it could work if you represented mutations in a very simplified way, as in olympic pictograms for sports. The tobacco allegory is also a very smart one although might be very different to pull off technically, especially the one with the doctor. The Jaws would probably be more adequate if turned upside down as it's usually a threat that comes "from the air". We'll talk in class, there are some very promising elements! :)