N# 2 The Beauty of Science

Class 1A


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5- Closure- Peace

Closure Anchor 1080

4- Dominant by Size- Symmetry


3-Continuity- Stability


4- Grouping- Movement

1080 clothespin

5- Edge Alignment -rule of 1/3



Hey thanks for posting. Some of the compositions are really nice looking, although most are difficult to figure out which principle you were illustrating. My suggestions for going forward: - Try to express the "keywords/principles" you are illustrating in a more vivid manner, so that we can clearly understand what it is without the need for text description (this is actually not easy to do!) :) - Take into account elements such as shadows and uneven light (that creates gradients) that are also becoming part of the composition, whether you want it or not. I am thinking about the photo on "symmetry" that has a strong shadow that kills the symmetry of your composition a bit. - Go through the Photoshop tutorials I posted in order to clean up the lighting and fix perspective for the images you're doing for the homework. Thanks! :)
An important comment on the images of spoons and clothespins: please don't stretch images so that the proportions of the common elements change. It looks unnatural, and more like a mistake than something that was done with purpose. Also: while the compositions nicely illustrate the keywords, more attention needs to be paid to execution. For example, the spoons image = the whole composition is shifted slightly to the left, so the symmetry is broken. It's a typical example of "ALMOST" situations that we always should avoid (in this case it's almost symmetry, but not quite symmetrical because the composition is not centered well). Pay attention to these details and the quality of the execution, and keep the good conceptual thinking that you have, and this images will start looking great!


: you are not uploading the images in requested format (.jpg, 1080x1080px). Please make sure to resize your image and upload again in order to complete the task. As I told in class, if work is submitted in incorrect format, it will not be accepted. See homework description at post 1A for details. Thanks!
Hello Neko, I have resized and re uploaded all the files. I hope now they are in the correct format. Please inform me if any further action should be taken. Thank you