Session 00 | Oct 19, 2016

Session 00 | Oct 19, 2016

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My Tremendously Terrific Tree

Tremendously Terrific Tree

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Hunting Beauty -Depth Over Distance (1)


This photo holds beauty in a very natural and dynamic way. The levels and depth of the picture make the image seem as if it holds more than any regular photo. My initial thought when I spotted this picture was how much it looks like a place you would see in Avatar; I half expected to see a blue figure running through the background. I love the waters movement and the fact that where it begins and where it ends is a complete mystery. The entire landscape seems to be a place untouched which has beauty in and of itself. It makes you want to be standing right there on the edge in that precise moment.

Hunting for beauty- (2)

glass house

This photo demonstrates beauty in every aspect. It caught my eye firstly because of the plethora of colors, but then again because the place seemed familiar. I could be wrong, but this appears to be the crystal palace in Madrid-one of my favorite places to visit; I tend to end up here at some point of every trip to this city!  The reflective quality of both the water and glass panes show symmetry in the photo which allows for this kaleidoscope effect to happen. I find the stillness of the water and the warmth of the sun absolutely inviting and absolutely stunning.

Hunting for beauty -(3)

cinque terre

This image is absolutely breathtaking, even more so in person. Cinque Terre, Italy is a visit I could never forget with its quirky colors and beautiful location. Its disregard for societal norms in terms of color, structure and so on is truly inspiring. This place looks like where you would find happiness with such bright and lively colors from the buildings to the boats and the crystal blue water.



This photo is beautiful in a very natural and organic way. It shows the capability and wonderment of nature, how a process of dying leaves can even be perceived as beautiful with the luminescent change of color. The river winding through the image as well creates fluidity within the landscape, reflecting the sky. Photos such as this always trigger the memory of past autumns, especially those spent in Canada when I was much younger. I look at this and it makes me think of home.


cloud mirror

I find this picture the definition of breath-taking. Based off of the graphics I can’t say that this image is in fact real, but oh how I wish it was! The quality of reflection with the boat placed in the center of the composition gives the impression it is flying through the sky like in Peter Pan. The image gives a sense of endlessness, something infinite and wonderful. The clarity and contrast of the clouds shadows and curves shows strength and magnitude-something more powerful than the average perception of clouds.



This photograph is beautiful through many of its qualities. I love the idea that outer-space and the ground we walk on is in many ways connected and within our reach.  The untouched snow settled on the ground as far as the eye can see is then disturbed by a mans few footprints before he lies down, arms and legs outstretched in a very purposeful manner holds much beauty. He seems as though to belong there, lost in the vast and never ending space on earth and within the galaxy.


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  1. Neko says:

    It looks kinda cool! It also reminds me of Brian May, you can Google him and you’ll understand :)

  2. Neko says:

    Waterfall photo – this truly is a mesmerising photo, especially when one focuses on the scale of the landscape by looking at the little human figure just behind the waterfall. Nice example, keep them coming :)

  3. Neko says:

    (2) – Yep, that’s definitely Crystal Palace in Retiro – love the place, too!

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