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Hello Neko, In my rhino file, the roofs are fixed and textured but when I render it and upload the file, the boards turn out like the above picture. Any tips on how I could adjust it?
Hi, I think this image you posted is pretty good, could be improved though. I don't understand your question because I see that the roofs are pretty much textured like in original image, so it looks ok to me. Some suggestions how to improve the image: - Boards should be slightly smaller. Instead of having to change the UV Texturing (box) for all objects, I think it's easiest to change the parameters of the board texture (in the material itself), and increase it's Repeat values (see the tutorial about Water, and how I got into the water's bump texture to change "repeat"value). - Camera position should be slightly different. I think you should move the camera to the left (see how it looks as if the camera is right in front of the path, and almost aligned to the edge of the building we see on the right). Another thing is to move camera down slightly (probably to the human eye height of about 1.65-1.7 m from the floor). This will greatly improve the image. - Lighting. Original image almost doesn't seem to have a sunlight, most of the light is coming from sky. So I'd just turn off the Sun and render again (after the camera and board sizes are corrected). These couple of tweaks will make it even better than it is now. Thanks!
PS. Take a look at how the right-side house is actually position right on the edge of the path. And this is also exactly the position of the camera (that's why it looks like the line between path and grass is almost vertical).