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Xuan Hoang
Class 4E
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My first two attempts to cast my hand in alginate (one at home and one in the lab with Maxim) were disastrous as the alginate dries way too quickly before I could cover my entire hand and I end up with gloupy clumpy pieces of alginate :'(


With 2/3 of all the algenate I bought down the trashcan, I did not have enough left to cast my entire hand anymore. Maxim and I came up with a plan B which is to cast half of my hand with plaster, half of it with the remaining algenate, and then another layer of plaster to sandwich the algenate in the 2-piece mould. After 2 hours sitting with my imprisoned hand, the mould was finally complete. We used a bicycle rope to tighten the 2 parts again and began pouring the silicone mixture into it.


Although it leaked a bit and my wrist was considerably shortened, the leaked silicone gave me duck feet-like webs and even made me reluctant to trim it away. I then inserted wire into the fingers and attach a sticky rubber base to it.

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Rhino Model:

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