Session 4C | May 10, 2016

Session 4C | May 10, 2016

Late Render Sketches

Ujal Gorchu




Hi Neko,

Sorry for the crappy quality but I thought it’s better than nothing. And I couldn’t rotate the image for some reason.

I hope you can read my handwriting.

DSC_0098 redner from behindCardboard boxes in apartment, moving dayCardboard boxes in apartment, moving day


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  1. Neko says:

    I think both sketches are really good. The first show the tactile qualities of the object, while the one with the boxes show emotional attachment. So both images are “charged” with stories, and that is excellent.
    The problem with the sketches is that they are super-exceedingly over-ambitious. Doing this right would be a challenge even to a professional studio with a good budget. For the purpose of the class, and so that you have something to show for on Friday, I would suggest if you can simplify both images so that you zoom in more closely on the object.
    I suggested a few sketches. One focuses on the boxes (ideally you would really take a photo of beaten-up boxes written things like Books or CDs), the other on the touch:

    Do not give up on making good images for the final presentation, even if they are not as perfect and ambitious as you’d want them to be. Being able to scale back on one’s ambition and deliver something on time is one very important characteristic of a good designer, and I would suggest practice the skill of executing the “slices” of your great ambitions quickly. It will greatly help you move forward and grow creatively and professionally.

  2. Neko says:

    ps. after you deliver the “simplified” images on friday, of course you can continue working on the “big” right images.
    pps. you can take advantage of the photoshoot tomorrow and bring the beaten up cardboard boxes and take the two photos: one of the boxes, other of the hand touching something round – a baloon or a ball. For the second image (the touch) you can also bring some “table-top” surface to put the baloon/ball on, and then you can add some very blurred out of focus image in the background to show the room atmosphere (you can find such images online, and since it needs to be very blurry you can even use relatively low resolution photos).

  3. Neko says:

    pps. in my second sketch i forgot to place the “text” / logo.

  4. Ujal Gorchu says:

    Thank you Neko!
    I understand what you said about being over-ambitious but I’ll still try to make it the way I envision it and in case it doesn’t work I will simplify it. Do you think that If I take good photos representing previously mentioned features, would I need to care about the loop (GIF) or it would be expressive enough?

  5. Neko says:

    You don’t not to care at all about GIFs, if you can make these images work well (either simplified or your over-ambitious ones).

  6. Ujal Gorchu says:

    Hi Neko, So there are two almost finsihed renders, I know they are not the best and I understand that it is my fault that I couldn’t plan my time but at this point I want to focus on the text because I believe it is crucial in my case. please let me know if there are some minor alternations I can make (like, do I need a human in the photo with boxes?).

    P.S. On the first render I figured out that the object is too sharp so I blurred it a bit.


    • Neko says:

      Hey man. Looking nice, the stock photo of the boxes you found :)
      I agree you should focus on the text, especially because the images are now pretty much “WTF?!” (although they look quite ok) :)
      One thing: your object has a strange textile texture? Just asking… It looks a bit too coarse/big if that’s the case.
      Also, in photoshop, don’t use Polygonal Laso, use ellipse marquee tool (google it). That will give you smooth circular selection, because I think the traces of your polygonal lasso are very visible and distracting.
      But yeah. The text first. Make it shine, make it exciting, and make us understand what in the world is the thing you’ve made :)

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