Kissing Toothbrush

Class 4E

Kissing Toothbrush

When you are so tired that you want to dive into bed or when you wake up late and need to hurry, brushing teeth is always an annoying moment. If you don’t brush enough, your mouth get stinky but it takes time to brush whole your teeth.

Now you have a solution!

This “Kissing Toothbrush” can brush your teeth from back, front and top sides at the same time. The soft lubber material makes it wound so that it fits to the curve of the teeth. The charming point of this product is the shape. The sexy shape of lips reminds you of a sexy woman so that you work hard on brushing your teeth to keep your smell good. Also it looks like there is a tiny monster in your bathroom! Kiss to your toothbrush every morning and night!






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