Session 3E | Apr 20, 2016

Session 3E | Apr 20, 2016

Kinstukuroi Bowl

Muhammad Amin Abdullahi

The Kinstukuroi Bowl is one that target boarding and college students that eat ramen or any other cheap fast food noodle.

It lets the user make noodles without boiling it in pots. Rather just put the boiling water in here with the noodle and have it cook in situ. The removable thermo cover ensures that the boiled water stays hot for longer.

IMG_2264 2The bowl’s design will IMG_2262 IMG_2261


2 responses to “Kinstukuroi Bowl”

  1. Neko says:

    Nice prototype, but your description stopped in the middle of the sentence and left me with a cliffhanger:
    “The bowl’s design will…”
    You should be writing scripts for TV shows! :)
    Apart from this, try thinking what makes this product special or Superusual, compared to any other bowl with a cover. I guess that will come in the second episode of your description ! :)

  2. Neko says:

    … i imagine the special thing will be “the beauty in brokeness”, right? I suggest you try to push this concept further and maybe, for example, make your product deliver as broken, so people should compose it themselves (maybe like a puzzle?). Which may in turn change the narrative of the project from the student convenience to something like finding peace and tranquility, etc… In general, when searching for this “superusuality” of the product, I would first try to bring together the two narratives you currently have, the one of student convenience and the other of kinstukuroi : these two are currently disconnected to your concept is currently a two-headed dragon and each head looks its own way… Either go for one of the concepts and make it stronger (bowl that you buy broken and put it together as a puzzle), or try to find another unifying concept/narrative that will bring the two (why students would appreciate broken aesthetics, for example)?

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