Itace Bowl

Class 4E

So cool it renders your other bowls into table mats

The Itace, a wood found in Northern Nigeria has been used to effectively retain heat by the Hausa tribesmen for centuries. In this adaptation, the cost effective material been given a modern finish into a bowl designed for boarding school students.

The usually ‘broke’ students have this bowl both as a placebo for their financial situations, and as an effective way of cooking ramen insitu due to the wood’s conductive characteristics.

A Chindõgu handle and rim fashioned out hard ceramic-like plastic gives bowl a further twist to its psychological twist as far as pretending to be more expensive than it is goes. Whilst also having two holes allowing the user to put their chopsticks down across the bowl.

A cover made out of clear glass seals the mark of the Itace Bowl, putting out a product for a specific user- The Preppy Boarding Kids Who Just Wanna Lazily Make Ramen Without Feeling Like The Broke Preppy Boarding Kid.



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