Session 3B | Apr 05, 2016

Session 3B | Apr 05, 2016


Claudia, Tomomi, Derin, Amin
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3 responses to “Insights”

  1. Neko says:

    Very nice start! However, unfortunately almost all of your insights and goals are related to the wallet exercise – and this is not a surprise because you lack observations (only Derin has completed the previous homework). Such a narrowed down version of goals/insights, based on a class exercise, cannot be accepted because it goes against the whole point of this design process (which first should include observations and empathy to EXPAND your range of possibilities).
    So -as I told everyone over email- please go back and complete the previous homework: make observations that you should have done during the past few weeks, and then go back to this step.
    PS – I give you a benefit of doubt that you didn’t understand the task and therefore used Wallet exercise. To make sure it’s understood: Wallet exercise was an example to illustrate entire design process, but it’s an isolated exercise that should not be part of the main project assignment (a Superusual product).

  2. Neko says:

    Great, that’s much better! :)
    Now you only need a POV card (problem statement). And then, what I’m telling everyone: please make some 10 photocopies of this for tomorrow’s class. Thanks :)

  3. Claudia Pitti says:

    Thanks Neko! Sorry for the mistake at the beginning! Hope this examples are much better.

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