Good Ideas

Tamami, Aaron, Nouhaila, Deveshree
Class 3C

Second try!

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Group meeting!!


↑credits to Tamami


-previous one-

We came up with 10 ideas based on our POVs.
Each of us evaluated all of them and….

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Phone case with bubble wrap was raked as worst.
Because it doesn’t protect phone case and it looks ugly.

↓These are 4 best ideas from class exercise

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Thanks. Out of 4 best ideas from class, I didn't understand the first two.
The umbrella helmet is interesting, how would it work? Is it a solid object? (if it's not, it doesn't fulfil the "Criteria", see 3C).
4th idea is too technological, and has nothing in terms of relation to the body, visual beauty, etc... I suggest you focus on trying to make your ideas more "physical" and less "electronic".

You have lot of interesting things going on, but I feel at least one more creative session is needed to get you to the right solutions.
Do not hesitate to ask me for help, suggestion or clarifications. Thanks!


Another important point: when you have 4 "big" ideas to share with the world and get the feedback, please sketch them a little better and explain more (no need to be on a post-it note, in fact, use bigger paper). We need to be able to understand the ideas. Thanks


I have a question. I thought for the in-class exercise, it is just brain storming but we won't use it for the following sessions. So I thought we needed to come up with "10 new ideas" according to our POVs, and narrow it down to 3-4 ideas.
Which will we use for the following sessions? Or will we use both "4 good ideas"?


The brain storming session in class was meant to inspire you come to many ideas. Some of these (in the first exercise) probably not related to your POVs, and then the ones in the next exercise (during the class) closer related to POVs. All these ideas were the raw material for you to talk about and get into the discussion about ideas that could apply to some of your POVs. However, I told you that POVs themselves may change too - as you learn something new in the discussion, maybe you find out some other problem worth solving? So it's a bit of bot ways, it's a flexible and fluent process. At the end of it, I expected each team to come up, and elaborate, 3 or 4 ideas that answer the Superusual topic. I assume most of these ideas will respond to your POVs, although maybe some if it no (if you found out another new goal you are inspired to pursue - as long as it is within Superusual "philosophy"). For Monday session, each one of you should have one idea to work on giving it form through making a prototype of the idea (see my email for details). Hope this clarifies a bit...


Thank you for your reply.
We'll meet up again and figure it out.


Comments on the new round of ideas:
Model-making helper (to keep things in place) : very interesting problem. I do feel that the board will holes may not do the trick because it has too limited number of possible variations of positions and sizes it can handle. Rather than something that you put your model into, I feel the more flexible solution might be something that you attach to your model. Which would mean this idea could develop into "systems/kit" direction. Like a system of small, lightweight, funky-looking clamps. This could be nice looking and almost-practical (good enough for our class). If you wanted to push the idea into even more "Superusual" territory, you can then think even in more general terms. Instead of thinking "how do I keep together pieces of my model" you may think how this concept of keeping things in place may apply to something even more "ordinary" - that is, a reality that is not shared only by students of architecture :)

The toothbrush idea has a great "superusual" potential, precisely because it deals with such a banal slice of our reality (which is very good - banal is great for this project!), and because it's a very physical object. I would suggest developing this into something even more daring and tought provoking or funny. I have some ideas but I won't be pushing onto you at this moment. Just think - it may not necessarily needs to look exactly like any other toothbrush! Or to give you a hint - if you were making a product with following brief "something to let us brush teeth in 5 seconds, and both sides of our teeth? no electronics!" - how would that product look like?

Glue overflowing is another interesting little problem to think of, although it runs a problem into getting too technical. Similar to my comment on trying to find a more "general" meaning of the hold-in-place-my-model idea, I suggest you may think what other things overflow annoyingly? And how to make an object that responds to that "problem" that is both practical as well as poetic (or funny, or disturbing)? Keeping in the realm of only glue may limit the conceptual posibilities, but thinking in more general terms about "stop the overflow" idea, you may see more new directions.

The book holder idea - somehow regretted to see that it developed into a bit too rigid object, overtly practical and not very inspiring. Try something more poetic, and this is the idea that definitely opens a huge number of possibilities: how do you keep comfortable and cozy, and the book in place? I was more hoping to see something like giant panda bear pillow that you can lean into and then its arms would hug you and hold the book for you. Now ok, I told you to make solid objects because giant panda is difficult to make in class, but -for example- this idea can further be developed to work with any giant doll: instead of making a doll, you are making attachment that would hold its arms in place (and hold the book itself). Something like a combination of police cuffs and book stand maybe - which would also tell a great ironic story "I handcuff my teddy bear's hands around me", like an ironic outlook to how we tend to look egoistically at other people, things and even animals. You know that sort of direction. We'll talk more today, definitely an interesting concept, as all of these!