Session 1B | Nov 11, 2015

Session 1B | Nov 11, 2015

In-class poster

Adrián Paz


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  1. Neko says:

    Good start, but I have some suggestions that I will sketch you later today!

    Ok, so I have many suggestions. First, the composition you attempted is very difficult because everything needs to be executed with much more attention. For example, the tree needs to be drawn in better illustrative manner. I tried something, although not quite good enough.
    That’s why that element (tree) needs to have very low contrast with the background, so that the circles could become dominant in composition.
    You will see I emphasized the circles so they are now much stronger contrast, so they draw all the attention (this is what we need because the tree is not very well made). I also organized the asymmetrical composition in a way similar the rule of 1/3 (yellow guidelines).
    As for colors, I tried all combinations of green but it didn’t quite worked well, so I chose a slightly more sentimental palette, which maybe looks like the blossom of sakura trees (wild cherry).

    Finally, the fonts, look like how I chosen the blocky straight letters for the title, and the date, so they stand out. Then thinner font for the rest.
    Also note how the text is separate into groups (title with your name, then date, then gallery info).
    Also note how all text is centrally aligned to the middle of the big circle.
    Also note how the left and the right edge of the “date” text is aligned exactly to the left and the right edge of the big circle.
    The same way, your name is aligned with words “MY LIFE.”.
    Finally, gallery info is aligned (same left and right edge) with the MY PLANTS, text.

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