Session 2B | Nov 16, 2016

Session 2B | Nov 16, 2016


Magdalena Stainer









 Digital - fake reality, S2B




Design Assignmet 2.1 First Iteration


2 responses to “IMAGINE”

  1. Neko says:

    I see a lot of cool sketches but:
    – I don’t know which is the final one
    – None of the sketches in the required proportions (16:9 horizontal, they are all square).
    Moving to required 16:9 format will make changes to the composition, which I’d like to see how you plan to address. Also, which song are you illustrating, I looked at your previous post but you didn’t write down which song is in question.
    I assume you plan “big building, small person” approach which sounds pretty good to me, and can look like a great image. I’d just want to see it sketched a little better, in order to know which direction you plan, and how I can guide you through the production. Thanks!

  2. Neko says:

    The Rhino/Photoshop sketch: that’s much better I see what you mean now. Couple of suggestions:
    – Camera position – make it more emphatic. Meaning come closer to the person, and move the camera down. Right now your camera looks like a helicopter shot. It also makes this person like 30 meters high. What I would do is try to get a real sitting person and a bench in 3D (see tutorial on importing models). Then I could really try to work the camera accurately to come just a few meters behind the bench. This will probably make the buildings super huge (and they will come out of the top of the image), but that’s not bad idea neither. Not showing the top of the buildings emphasise the feeling of scale and height and the contrast between the person and the buildings. Now when I write this, I realize it would be better NOT to come THAT close to the person, so that he could still look small compared to the buildings.
    What may help you is to define and separate the front plane from the background. In the front you’d have very dark contour of the terrain / park (maybe two little hills) and the person on the bench would be very dark. Like 75-100% black. And the background (buildings, maybe infinitely hhigh) would be much brighter (like 10-30% black). This would emphasize the depth (remember the depth by tone, or aerial perspective).

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