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class 2b

First iteration sketches



render 1

My idea changed while I was creating on rhino! I had the idea of making a reflecting pond where the main character will look inside, hoping to see his own reflection, but will instead see all other shades/shapes of people around him instead of his!(I decided to set this image during the night, for this reason all the colors are dark, in order to “reflect” his tormented thoughts).


As I mentioned in class, this is hugely ambitious undertaking, but potentially can make a fantastic image (and you have great sketches to prove, both of your sketch look great). Also, I would praise a well chosen material to work with, and in fact very well written summary (in the last homework). I am really looking forward to see how this will develop, when you made next step I may be able to give you more detailed help. In the meantime I think you'll probably find the 3D people I posted online (and the tutorial, I linked to in the email) helpful at least to test some ideas.