Session 2B | Nov 16, 2016

Session 2B | Nov 16, 2016


Monica Pastor
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Session2bRENDER copy






3 responses to “Imagen”

  1. Neko says:

    I like the final sketch graphically, although I don’t understand what it actually is and how the space and perspective look… I assume it has to do something with speed, and the city, according to the lyrics you’ve chosen (which I find addressing the more famous quote “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”).
    Looking forward to see how this develops!

  2. Monica Pastor says:

    Thanks for the feedback Neko! Yeah it kinda does, It’s more about the person remembering his friend, looking at the sky thinking about him. Life is going fast and not stopping for mac miller, this is why I chose a city where u can see things happening and life not stopping. Was thinking of adding cars on the street and edited them with motion blur to show speed and life going fast.

  3. Neko says:

    Nice develpment. The mood is definitely there now, but composition is a bit lacking (missing a clear dominant, everything is too dark now). Also the image is unpleasantly flat, it’s completely lacking perspective (as everything was put together in Photoshop). This makes it hard to emphatize with the main character. I would advise trying to do something in Rhino, maybe actually giving depth to houses (you don’t need to model entire house, but maybe cut out windows and doors from the main facade, and give it some depth). Also I dont know if I added some 3D cars, but they would greatly help get perspective. Then in the end you could make a rendering just by using skylight, which will give some soft shadows, that you can then add textures in Photoshop. So my point is if you try to get more things in 3D, you will create a space. Don’t try to make this space a realistic street with all the details, of course. Think of it as if it was a stage set.
    Also, think about which parts of the image you want darker and which slightly brighter. This will outline what’s important / hierarchy. Currently looks like the car or maybe a brick wall is the most important thing (ok, maybe it should be ?).
    Apart from lacking space and hierarchy, the image is nicely balanced. So I would advise working on these two, while maintaining basic distribution of visual elements, that works quite well.

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