Session 2A | Nov 16, 2016

Session 2A | Nov 16, 2016


Jose Angel

My work of art that I’ve chosen is a song from the singer Ed Sheeran, called “I see fire”. This song tells a story behind the actions which is set in the countryside, where the trees and the elements in the lanscape are burning in fire. The atmosphere and the climate that puts the listener into is a very warm and hot feeling where everything seems that is going to end and there is no scape from there. The sky is filled up with fire and smoke everywhere covered with a mixture of dark, yellow and red tone colours. In rhino I would express this as a composition where we would have a group of people gathered in a circle looking to their eyes in the centre of the photo. And then surrounding them, the whole contryside burning down. The sky would be at the back of the picture showing a continuance of this burned situation creating smoke and ashes.

The lyrics that express best this situation would be this quote during the song ;

‘If this is to end in fire

Then we should all burn together

watch the flames climb high into the night

Watch the flames burn over and over

The mountain side.’



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