Session 1A – hunting for beauty

Class 00

Homework – Hunting for Beauty



Although the objective of this photo is to advertise the magazine, Sugu:N I really just love this photo for the way it is. The colors, the bright orange of the curtain that separates the magazine from the reader. The hairstyle of the reader and how the horizontal straight line cut of her bangs contrast with the vertical downwards falling of the curtains. This could go on to show that the reader of the magazine could be anyone, as the curtain is used as a way of masking the reader.



I really love the movement in this photo and how the way the figure in the center has a completely twisted and wonky position, it’s really quite funny and in some way even gives personality and character to the car behind, because it is also part of the show. The lighting is on point, as that’s what draws the attention to the car but not without highlighting the silhouette of the person.



Eva Kolenko has a food photography blog where she posts refreshingly artsy photos of delicious food such as this. The colors are so vibrant against the dark background, I think that’s the best part of this photo. Also the composition and of course the food looks delicious.



This piece of fashion photography is by a young and upcoming photographer, Lara Jade. I love the strong contrast of bring colors in the dresses, the models’ fire-y red hair and lipstick and pale translucent skin. Besides that, the funky sunglasses give a funny edge to the serious expressions on the models’ faces, which I can appreciate.



This photo demonstrates the beautiful view that this house gives to the landscape. Further, the colors of the interior connect with those of the exterior for instance the blue of the couch and pale colors of the walls and floor relate to the blue color of the lake, other factors such as the straight lines of the constructed house and the natural wilderness of the lake and mountains.


photo 2

It’s great how the photographer of this photo was able to highlight certain areas over others through the use of natural light. The reflection of the sea and of the outer brick wall through the window is a great way of showing the qualities of this house. And the little corner of the coffee table and the solo-chair was a nice touch. What I like most is the presence of people and how that shows that the space is being utilized and not only a beautifully constructed empty structure.


The color contrast in this photo is spectacular, I love that the colors are so bright and calm. The sharp shapes also add to this prominent contrast between the building in the foreground and the bright sky as the background.

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Fantastic photo, and excellent comment! PS - Don't forget to post the stuff from class. Put it all in one post (together with homework), and keep up the great work! :)
Third photo was also very good, and also very good comment. You've been doing great so far, but now I'll propose that you change the subject a bit, just to add variety and make it more challenging for you: for the next image choose one that's no architecture, and no landscape. No buildings, no nature. Just change the subject, but keep the same method of analysis as you had in the first 3 images. Looking forward to see what you come up with tomorrow :)
Great suggestion! I will give it a go, thanks for the idea.
Fashion - nice. By the way, you still have two separate posts (the other one containing the school work). Hi Marina,Can you please move the content of the other post (class work) into this one? All students need to have exactly one post per session (there are few other students that have two posts, but that’s a mistake that needs to be fixed). After you do that, please delete the other post. Thank you.
23.10 and 24.10 : Nice images and good comments :)