Session 00 | Oct 22, 2016

Session 00 | Oct 22, 2016


Sarah Atiyat

In class assignment – The Five Minute Tree


D I V E R G E N T    THINKING  – The (un)usual uses of a comb..

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Homework: H U N T I N G    F O R    B E A U T Y


Picture No. 1



According to Merriam Webster, an airplane is “a machine that has wings and an engine and that flies through the air” but I believe that an airplane is much more than that.  What really interests me in this picture is that how a human can be a bird without wings in that vessel and that’s what my grandmother always said.  In a span of hours, you find yourself in a new continent or in a half day, you find yourself in the other half of mother earth.  I love the idea of being  40,000 ft above ground observing seas, mountains, void, etc. That is why I find myself reflecting on many things in life whenever I’m on the plane and that’s why I feel that this picture depicts the exact sensation I get when I’m on a plane.


Picture No.2



What really captures my attention in this picture is the sharp contrast between the 2 colors; black and white.  Black and white together because one cannot exist without the other.  The word ‘monotone’ often has a negative connotation but in black and white pictures, I think the word ‘monotone’ emphasizes power, sharpness and detail.  Therefore, the black and white effect in the picture above depicts the strength of the mountain, the crevices and the edges as well.  Overall, I just love simplicity and the power emphasized by the 2 colors.


Picture No. 3

Washing Machines


This is quite the unusual picture.  A laundry machine as a fish aquarium ? Perhaps.. A laundry machine as a picture frame? Again perhaps.  What I really like about this picture is how abstract it is and how such lively elements are inscribed in everyday life utilities hence creating a lively picture filled with bright and vibrant colors.  All in all, I just find this picture oddly satisfying.


Picture No. 4

A cup of sea..


There’s a certain type of beauty in this picture that satisfies the viewer.  I just love how something like the sea or the ocean was put into this coffee or tea cup.  Another thing that stands out in this picture is the contrast in color in which the deep blue color of the ocean is surrounded by the whiteness of the cup and the brown table serving as a sleek background.  I also like how the artist included the movement of the sea in the cup thus enhancing the picture and creating some sort of life. A cup of sea ? Anyone ?


Picture No. 5

Cloud Gate – The Bean


What strikes me the most in this picture is the reflection of the scenery on the bean and how distorted it is.  This is Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor a sculpture that stands as a curved centerpiece in Downtown Chicago, Illinois. Having seen this masterpiece in person proves to me that it is unmistakably beautiful and breathtaking.   Not only that, but I really like how the curvature of this sculpture juxtaposes the straight cut of the buildings behind it. I also love the dynamics of the people, the reflections and and lighting that interact together in order to bring out this picture that reminds me of so many good memories.



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  1. Neko says:

    Nice image and comment! Please take a look at the comment I just posted in your -other- post, and try to fix / reorganize content from these two posts into one. Thanks! :)

  2. Neko says:

    Image #2: I like the image and the comment. Your comment for image #2 is much more in line with the objective of this exercise than the previous one; that’s because on #2 you analysed the form of the image (its visual elements), while on #1 you primarily analysed the content of the image (what it represents and what these associations mean to you). While both of these are important elements of arts, right now we’re focusing on the visuals – hence I favor the comment #2. I will elaborate more on this subject during the next class.

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