Class 3A


I want my career to focus on the psychological impact of the spaces i make, and even on how spaces can impact the behaviours of people and, in turn, their psychological patterns and wellbeing. It’s like the difference of creating a home from the beginning instead of a just a house. The idea that spaces can be made to reflect peoples personalities and lifestyles in a way that even facilitates their lifestyle. I’d want to move away from creating spaces to live in (because you need a house) to creating spaces that you simply exist in because it perfectly reflects how you are.

In terms of where, I’d love to be in the kind of atmosphere of obscure and completely different individuals all with the same level of appreciation for the work they’re doing, being consumed by it. I’d like it to be a smaller group of people or a group in a larger company, and for all of us to be reasonably close. I’d definitely want to work with multicultural people so that i can learn about different ways of thinking, and not just one new way. And definitely somewhere with open spaces.


excluding things that aren’t relevant to architecture/design

Analog and Design Photography

January 2013 – December 2014

Studied a course including analog photography and developing of images, as well as digital photography in the context of marketing, including Photoshop training.

Lunds Konst och Designskola

August 2015 – June 2016

Attended the college of Art and Design in Lund which is of arts, design and architecture, introducing and teaching a large variety of the arts as a whole.

Internship with Paul Ma Design

June 2016 – August 2016

Worked alongside Paul Ma planning the facilities and layout of an upcoming resort in Japan.

IE University

September 2016 –

Studying a bachelors of Architecture


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