happy feet

Class 4E

Happy Feet

                 Bring Comfort to your Desk with Happy Feet

Our feet are ignored, even punished, in everyday life. We squeeze them into shoes, walk on hard flat surfaces, stand on them, and generally take them for granted, until they let us know they’re hurting.

When you spend ­an average of 6 hours a day in front of your desk , You no longer have to experiment with a dozen of uncomfortable positions in where to place your feet adequately and comfortably because there is a better way to sit at your desk, and we call it Happy Feet .

The happy feet is the ultimate accessory for a more comfortable time in front of your desk. It combines the properties of two objects: a foot massager and a balancing board. Its unique design allows you to elevate your feet and legs boosting your comfort and relaxation when working seated.

Simple to use, compact and relatively lightweight, the happy feet is incredibly versatile, and will give a new life for your hyperactive feet, and grant you the comfort of a massage while working . It enables you to make the time you spend at your desk a time to look forward to, and can make any work space comfortable.

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