Session 0A | Oct 24, 2015

Session 0A | Oct 24, 2015

Future is now

Laura Martinez Moraleda



Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in Back to the Future II, 1989 (source: Pinterest)

Just  a couple of days ago, the 21st of October, Marty Mcfly travelled to the future. Many of the things featured in this 30-year-old movie might seem light years away from our 2015 society, but all in all fiction might not be that far from reality…

In 2014 Hendo launched the first hoverboard, a great advance in technology and furthermore in the way we conceive transportion . If this curious and futuristic item gets to the mass market it would definitively change the way our cities are design and built. Public and private spaces will experience mayor changes to allow our “gliding” throughout the city. Furthermore this could have a great impact in the way spaces are conceptualized.

As a an architect of the future I believe this movie is a great example of how close we need to monitor the innovations realized to make sure that the spaces that we conceive today will meet the needs of tomorrow since it is obvious that future is now.

If you’re curious about this story you can visit:


Silent nights

Snoring might be one of those little things that you can’t change about yourself but that might be extremely disturbing for others. All sort of devices exist to stop you from snoring but we must admit that none of them seem quite confortable (from stitches to tubes). Luckily for us technology is about to change the quality of our sleep…

Nora is an extremely futuristic solution for a problem that has followed humanity throughout the history. The aim is really simple: you activate Nora before going to be. Nora is linked up to an inflatable device under your pillow. Once Nora detects your snoring it sends a signal to the device so that it inflates, stoping the snoring before you or others wake up. How wonderful and peaceful might nights become in a not-so-distant future?


Safe music

Since the creation of headphones a long battle started between the volume we listen to music and our hearing. It’s a well-known fact that loud music and hearing are not the best partners but this might be about to change:

Aegis-pro are the first headphones that prevent hearing loss. By totally cancelling the noise of the outer world we actually hear music at the right volume, we perceive better what we are actually listening to. Moreover there is the fact that they were designed by a 16-year-old, which is extremely inspiring.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic that all the technological objects that cause health problems would actually prevent them? And that furthermore, this technologies were created by young talents? If that is so, the future seems a wonderful place to be…

You can visit their web page here.


Do you like tomatoes?

In this world where nowadays the traceability of food becomes something essential, where bio food seems to become the trend, where GMs are mostly rejected by our North societies and health issues become more and more important because of the population aging, alimentation seems one of the biggest concerns of the future. Not only what we eat but how are we going to cover the necessities of the non-stop growing’s earth population. In this concern GMs even if some might some be skeptical towards them, they might be the solution to many problems. For instance let’s focus on a unique tomato  (and no, where not talking about Homer Simpson’s Tomacco).


Source: Tumblr

British scientists from the John Innes Center have created a GM tomato decease-fighting. This tomato contains as many antioxidants as 50 bottles of red wine (chemical which is used to combat heart diseas, cancer, diabetes and alzheimer). Most medicinal plants are difficult or expensive to grow, which is not the case of tomatoes!

We can hope than in a not so distant future we can have this tomatoes on our daily menus, moreover cultivate them ourselves. In this society where we’re coming back to the roots and creating in our terraces little kitchen gardens in the cities who knows if this innovations could lead to mayor changes in the way we conceive our opened spaces as well as solving two of the worlds biggest concerns for the future: alimentation and health.

Home made Oktoberfest


Who says you need large amount of time or space to brew your own beer? Well actually everybody. For beer lovers this particular hobby might seem quite complicated, even more if you live in a little apartment in a big city. Thank god for all of them some other beer lovers where into creating machines and technology, that’s how MiniBrew was born.



This unique device will be connected to your smartphone and will not only allow you to brew beer but also to create and experiment with new recipes. Furthermore the app will be able to mesure the amount of beer consumed and ask for a cab in the case you are not able to drive. Although be ready to pay 1850$ (shipping not included) for your little caprice. However, if prices get lower with time, isn’t the future going to be a great time to be alive?


If you want to know more about it click here.





2 responses to “Future is now”

  1. Neko says:

    Very interesting example from several points of view. At first, the chicken/egg question: Was the invention of Hendo hoverboard the result of the market interest that the Back To The Future movie predicted, or was it the other way round – this hoverboard was made BECAUSE it was featured in the movie (in which case there may not be a mass market demand for such a product)?
    You have made a great observation that there was a relation between public and private spaces and the culture of hover- (or skate-) boarding, but I would say it went in completely opposite direction: we have seen, in the past decades, that these spaces were explicitly modified to PROHIBIT skateboarding, not encourage it. Does the invention of hoverboard mean that public and private spaces will go through another round of modifications to discourage gliding too? Or there may be a change in public opinion because of the fact that hoverboards do not touch the surface (unlike skateboard, which some can argue can damage the public/private property)?

    • Laura Martinez Moraleda says:

      As a cinema lover I would like to believe it was the result of the market interest that the movie predicted hahaha.
      For what I’ve read on the subject hoverboard inventor’s shoot for installing it in hospitals to carry patients around quicker and more effectively. I would like to believe in a really utopic vision that are future society will embrace new experiments like this one, although under my point of view public and private spaces will need to be extremely modified to ensure the security of the non-gliding pedestrians.

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