Session 0A | Oct 26, 2015

Session 0A | Oct 26, 2015

“Future Is NOW”


Science and Technology is advancing at an ever increasing rate and consistently newer innovations and advancements are taking place…



One such example is the introduction of 3D printed cars. Gadgets have reached such a technological high that cars are now being printed in 3D. One such example is the first ever 3D printed car called the “Strati” which means “layers” in Italian. 3D printed cars bring a whole new perspective in the designing and mechanism of cars. 3D printed cars basically reduce the amount of  work and the number of parts that go into making a car. It even reduces human effort and labor by a considerable amount. The most important fact that amazes me about 3D printed cars is that it limits the amount of material resources that go into manufacturing of a car. At this stage in the, when the world is heading towards a resources crisis, coming of with an idea of designing cars that reduces material resource use is quite pragmatic.

Benefit- With the idea of a 3D printed car we can design and manufacture any kind of car.

For example:- If we wish to recreate a Vintage car from the past that someone would like to really own again, 3D printed cars is the answer to that. It is difficult to find machine parts for such vintage cars, which reduces the possibility of building of such cars. However, with 3D printed cars there are no such problems as the entire car is digitally programmed and the developed by the machine.

A Video of the making of the 3D printed car shows how quick the cars can be made..:-



Source :-,

3d printed car 3d printed car


Although, the process of 3D printing cars might be prototype and still in experimentation, but such creative ideas definitely give us an example of the “Future is NOW”….. The technological advancements have reached a whole new level,which is depicted by the example of the 3D printed cars.


WaterMill -: Air into Water

WATER – The lifeline of the human race, perhaps the most essential element in the life of all living organisms. We know that Earth consists of only “2.8%” of Fresh drinking/Portable Water which can be used by humans. With the evolution of Human race, resources are getting depleted at an enormously fast rate then we can imagine. Purifying water apart from the freshwater available requires use of energy resources. However, due to consistent and degenerative use of these resources is having an adverse effect on the environment.

In such a case, a technological invention can solve the problem. Just like the “WATERMILL” in case of obtaining clear/drinking/portable water.

The WaterMill is a distinct technological invention that uses the Air from the environment and coverts it into portable drinking water, suitable for human use. It is an eco-friendly cost-effective solution to bottled water.

Clean Portable Drinking Water

Clean Portable Drinking Water – WaterMill….     Source -:

It works on the technology that the Atmospheric Water Generators convert the Air into Water. When the temperature of  Air becomes saturated with enough water vapor, the WaterMill starts to condense the water vapor to Water (known as Dew Point).

It is a unique invention and one that is made with respect to environment and its conservation. The device very smartly uses the abundant Air available to us and converts it into Water. Although, it requires a suitable climate to work in, it is a great device to curb the environmental degradation that is taking place all around the globe. WaterMill is a smart device which samples the Air every 3 minutes to determine the most efficient time to convert it into Water. This increases the efficiency of the device.

Such devices should be encouraged and promoted as they are made in respect with the safety and conservation of the environment.


A major breakthrough that can have a significant impact is the Sonic Tractor Beam. Researchers have created the so called Sonic Tractor Beam which has the ability to push,pull or pirouette objects that levitate in thin air.

The tractor beam works on the phenomenon that a precisely timed sequence of sound waves create a region of low pressure that traps tiny objects which can be solely used to manipulate such objects with the help of sound waves. It works on the principle of using sound waves at a precise sequence to capture such tiny objects levitating in air.

The fact that these Beams have been proved to capture such objects, it can application in various fields. The specialty of the tractor beam is that it can be used to manipulate objects without contact.

Like for instance in medical science,this technique could be adapted to manipulate the cells inside the body or possibly target the release of a medicine locked in acoustically activated drug capsules.


acoustic levitation using tractor beam

Tractor beam- manipulating objects without contact……

Researchers recently created an acoustic hologram, or a 3D sound field projected onto a 2D space, which can be used as acoustic tweezers, cages and twisters that manipulate objects as they levitate in air.


Although the principle of tractor beams has been proven, there is still a long way to go for the beams to actually become more powerful for use. The beams have been proven to move mere centimeters, but to be viable as a space instrument it has to have the ability to move meters.

It is a significant breakthrough in science and one that has the opportunity to develop into something big in the FUTURE.




Supercharged Photosynthesis in literal sense means “ACCELERATING” or “Speeding Up” the process of photosynthesis in order to maximize crop production increase the quantity of produce of crops to feed a larger population of people.

This process basically engineers plants to extract energy from the sun much more efficiently…

The fact that this is an interesting and potential innovation as it strives to solve the problem of paucity of crop yields..Crop yields are not increasing as compared to the population and with the excessive and exhaustive use of natural resources, it surely does not get better…

This is where Supercharged Photosynthesis comes in…

Supercharged Photosynthesis also known as C4 Photosynthesis boosts plant growth by capturing carbon dioxide and concentrating it in the specialized cells in the leaves. This increases the efficiency of the process of photosynthesis in  plants leading to greater crop yield..Sugarcane and Corn have shown considerable increase in growth. Researchers have in involved in the process of introducing C4 photosynthesis in Rice and Wheat, increasing the growth percentage roughly by about 50%. Some evidences have been discovered in case of rice having increased production using C4 photosynthesis..

Supercharged Photosynthesis focuses on the efficiency which also means reduced use of WATER and FERTILIZERS.

The following graph shows the Difference in the productivity and efficiency between normal (C3) and Supercharged (C4) Photosynthesis. The greater efficiency in absorbing CO2 and inducing it in the specialised cells of the leaves in C4 Photosynthesis shows greater growth and productivity..

SUPERCHARGED PHOTOSYNTHESIS is a significantly pragmatic and intelligent invention for the future which has an enormous potential to develop into something really of great importance and value. With the current state of the world, degradation of resources, such scientific methods can help counteract and damage control the already impacted damage caused. Such innovations are a thing for the future promising a lot to offer and explore…




A major breakthrough when achieved can impact the life of millions of people around the globe.

Car to Car Communication is one such innovation looking to grow into a reality…

Millions of people are killed in road accidents worldwide every year and there has been no such remedial measures to overcome such accidents.

Car to car/Vehicle to Vehicle Communication looks to incorporate such devices in cars/vehicles such that they can communicate with each other with the help of sensors to avoid collision and accidents on road. It basically aims to reduce the mishaps on road saving a significant number of people’s lives.

Although such  a communication is challenging to achieve, it can impact the lives of a lot of people on road worldwide.

car 2 carcar to car car2car

Such a technology when implemented will help in the more proper organization of the vehicles on road.

Car to Car Communication can revolutionize the way in we drive and can bring a positive and much more efficient impact in case of safe and secure driving.

All such technological marvels and innovative ideas provide a great potential to be something of the future and have a lasting impact on the way the future shapes. All such technological inventions should be encouraged all around the world, which will only bring a positive influence on the world and of course on humans….

The “FUTURE IS NOW”………..



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