Session 0A | Oct 28, 2015

Session 0A | Oct 28, 2015


Derin Evcim
Futurastic Dog

As the technology has developed, the drones became a part of our life in the field of flying technology. The drones, which are widely used for camera recordings or occasionally just as a flying toy, is used by a pug on this picture. Besides being a real attention catcher by its humor factor with the adorable look of the pug, this picture actually reflects the idea that in a near future people can start flying by a similar technology of a drone in common life. As the flying technology already being developed, one can fly by plains, helicopters, hang gliders…etc. However, a drone that can be worn as a backpack is not really possible in our common lives, but how long would it take for this fact to change?


As the clocks ticked into the time long expected from the movie “Back to the Future”, we actually realized that many technologies, which seemed like impossible in the time the movie was filmed came actually true. For example, hover boards became a reality recently, along with nike announcing a very similar shoe as in the film that automatically arranges the tightness of the shoe according to size of one’s feet. In addition, thin led screens have came to our lives long time ago as the ones in the movie. The flying cars all around the sky may still look unlikely at the moment; however, the technology of it has been found and being enhanced for a while now, so why should one think that the cars up in the sky would never be the reality?


The investment in fast train has increased in huge amount nowadays. Do you wonder the cause of it? Of course, being able to travel faster with least amount of fuel and energy used, but actually there is a cooler reason: The Magnet Trains. With getting rid of the friction, the magnets have blazed a trail in the train technology. Right now, a rail system named the Hyperloop is being worked on, which is estimated to go with the speed of 760 miles per hour. Another secret of this special train is the vacuum system, which means that this new train technology not only neglects the friction of the ground, but the air as well. Could trains be the faster way to travel compared to plains in the near future?

The Terminator

The robot technology is another main field of technology that has been developed with the highest speed. As the robotics becoming a well-known respected field along engineering, the creepiness of this field of technology increases as well. The robots start to take place of human beings even more after the big revolution of industry, which had left the place of the need of the working power of humans into the machines. In the case of robots, instead of talking about a big herd of people, we talk about individuals. The picture above represents a robot taking place of one’s lover. With the lack of emotions of robots, which is the greatest different accepted between a robot and a person, could the robots actually take the place of one’s life partner? Could the new technology of robots, which lets them learn by experience fill actually one’s place or would it even cause the technology to overcome the real purpose and leave the world into a terminator apocalypse?

The Future City

Will cities actually look like this in the future? Would a futurastic city supposed to look like this complicated? Would one like to live in such a huge city of technology, wich can be understood by the first look that everything happens in a hurried fast-tracked life style? Would I like to construct such a city in the future? WOULD YOU?


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