Form Analysis

Ana Corina
Class 3E
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Hey nice sketches! One thing I immediately see is that you could do better for the first object if you instead of revolving a circle, you first draw entire profile (or half of the profile) of your lid. Then revolve it and you're done - after that, you only need to make holes. For the second (and third) object, I feel there are a couple of problems. First the aesthetics is a bit different than the first object. The "salt" lid feels very rounded and fluffy, but the other two feel different - using the revolve or extrude in this case produces too "angular" objects - although the profile has the filleted corners if you look it from side, it's too angular. Another problem is that the design of the piece that's used to pour the water (liquids) will not work, due to its shape - the water will surely pour AROUND it, instead through it. Try making a very simple model (manually) by folding a sheet of plastic and try to pour water through it.