Session 4A | Apr 25, 2016

Session 4A | Apr 25, 2016

Form Analysis

IMG-20160425-WA0004IMG-20160425-WA0009IMG-20160425-WA0005 IMG-20160425-WA0006


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  1. Neko says:

    Well I think you’ve spent too much time designing the box and none of the time designing the ergonomically interesting part of your project: the actual handles. Plus I don’t see why the box looks like this – it seems to have a pretty generic shape. Also, you focused too much on how the box fits the metal rings, and not how it actually looks and why. For the purpose of this project, I am not asking you to make the perfect object – you can make an object where we can’t move the handles, but I am interested to see the “culture” around your product and not the mechanics of it. Hope this suggestion helps you focus on WHY your object looks the way it looks , and not on the mechanics of how it should work.

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