Class 1B

In Class – Safari Haunting

1.Symmetry and shadow


What I love about this photo is the detail of the shade, which makes it possible to imagine the shape of the concrete object.

2.edge and contrast


4. peace and continuity


I enjoy the fact that light seems to enter and gradually fade in thus image creating a sense of peace and harmony.


Render number 1


Homework – Approaching Rhino

1. Center Alignment and  Equilibrium

Sofia Render 2

I like how the image seems to have its own equilibrium. I believe that thanks to the spiral-case, seen from the top view, it is possible to infer a fibonacci sequence, which gives the main subject of the render a perfect harmony.

Furthermore, I found interesting how the staircase almost seems to resemble the iris of an eye.

2. Assymetry and contrast

Sofia Render 1

In order to emphasize  the shadows of the three “towers” I deleted all the surrounding structure. I like how, even though it is a top view, thanks to the shadows, it is possible to deduct the height and the shape of the structures.

3.Crescendo and geometry


4.Movement and continuity/repetition

image scala


Class work + 1st homework, great images. I'm a big fan of the "edge" photo. The first one is also great, maybe -just maybe- you might want to try to correct the perspective a bit in Photoshop and crop out your foot that enters the image at the bottom. But these are details only. Great concept behind images. That goes for homework, too. One suggestion:try playing around with brightness/contrast using Levels in Photoshop, I think you can get even better look for your renderings.
One helpful tip I forgot to mention in class: When making black/white images usually to get really impactful range of greys, it is suggested that your image should have either pure white, or pure black. Which basically means you should play with levels and adjust white or black point. If your image is relatively bright, then you should take the brightest point of the image and make it a white point (in Levels interface). If your image is relatively dark (which is a case with your staircase image), then you should take the darkest point and make it black. See tutorial I posted on 1A if you're not sure how to use Levels, or check info online. Here are results:
Dear Neko, thank you for your advice! I will try playing around with brightness and contrast in my next render.
Homework = cool first two images. I'd suggest going forward you practice perspective shots (because these are what you'll be making almost all the time). Thanks!
Ok, I will! Thank you.