Class 4E


The ever evolving world and incessant use of resources always channels me to think in an ECO-FRIENDLY way of looking at things. The “awesome” FLASHING GREEN GRIP is one such product. We humans tend to do innumerable activities during the day, which we never pay attention to and which can be utilized efficiently. The awesome flashing GREEN grip is the perfect balance between eco-friendly and the SUPERUSUAL. The simple action of a hand grip used for wrist exercise is transformed into a charger to be able to charge phones, tablets and other USB devices. The “digital” world we live in now, we cannot stay away from electronics which strays us away from physical activities. The flashing GREEN grip combines to solve two problems. Firstly, it generates electricity in an eco-friendly manner. Secondly, it provides a medium for people to engage in such a manner that involves their interest and at the same time engages them in some form of activity. This is the most “awesome” element of my object. The object also acts as a portable charger which can be used anywhere without any requirement of an electrical source. The flashing GREEN grip does wonders in articulating elements and providing a one full proof solution. The flashing GREEN grip can work anywhere in the world as long as you can exercise with a HAND GRIP.

The “SUPERUSUAL” aspect

We humans tend to be unaware of the daily activities we are involved in. We tend to function on auto-pilot and pay little or no attention to the intricate details involved in our day to day activities. My flashing GREEN grip is one such SUPERUSUAL object. It induces a relationship between two activities. Charging phones is one problem which troubles people more than anything else. On the other hand, a simple exercise object, the HAND GRIP is an object through which humans actually generate energy. So, taking the SUPERUSUAL activity of a hand grip and articulating it with a problem of charging creates a SUPERUSUAL and AWESOME product. People no longer need to think of finding a spot to charge their phones as long as they have the flashing GREEN grip.

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