Session 4E | May 13, 2016

Session 4E | May 13, 2016


Tomomi Dambara


Work At Ease

That sore back, that tiring work, that same hard chair you sit on for 24hours.

Many spend a lot of time on uncomfortable chairs and accepting that destiny to be bounded to chairs. This displeasing seats can reduce your motivation, energy and passion towards the subject you are dedicating to. who wants that? Just because its so tiring sitting down, staying in the same position, why should that disturb your work? Why should that be a distraction? An interruption?

Now is the time to start using Relaxion. A simple, convenient cushion which gives you pressure on the massage spots. Maintaining your body conditions to its fullest and reducing the external unpleasant situations and creating a more ideal work space.

The advantage of this cushion is makes a soft back, even if your chair is short it will reach till your neck giving its sofa like feeling. of course the most important part of it being handy.13115342_1262457823783275_1161597054_n13020117_1252592628103128_2116413194_nDIGITAL IMAGE tool7finallfinalDIfinalllGITAL IMAGE.3dm


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