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Ana Corina
Class 2C
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Hi Neko!

I’m working on my poster but I’m having a lot of trouble putting my house in this site because it’s not a picture from the gruound and is very hard to find the correct position without being “flying”.

I ¬°’ve been working on this issue and this is one option¬†it might work because one of the principal ideas I want focus on the poster is how my house is in the middle of the path and how it relates with the beautiful landscape.

Thank you! Hope you like it


Great! Next thing I would go with slightly more detail in this sketch, basically deciding the brightness of each of the "zones" - is the bottom part dark (and the house in the rendering also dark), or is it the other way round (bottom part white, house also very light and house background very dark)?
Second sketch: great evolution of the first sketch, adding more detail about the color. Nice process!
This could be very attractive image, but yes you need to find the correct perspective and then the composition. For the perspective, you need to try to estimate where the horizon is in the background photo, and then set the camera to that level. My suggestion is to turn on Ground Plane in rhino (which is an infinite horizontal plane) so you will have better orientation of where the horizon in your view. Right now I can safely say that you very likely need to move camera above your house. Also you need to decide on the colors of the image (your sketch had such lighting that made the dark house, for example).