Class 1B

Class Work




That is a super excellent drawing, and overall the poster works fine. I'll sketch you some suggestions though later tonight.


Hey so ok just wanted suggest slightly different direction. Not that I think the following direction is better, it's just - different :).
So the idea is to take advantage of the drawing and fill the poster with it. Top of the drawing would need to have an overlay of gradient fill (Google gradient fills in Illustrator) so that it looks like drawing is slowly fading into white (avoiding the hard line between the drawing and the background).
Then simple text, grouped by meaning. I used all small caps because this font (Quicksand) is very bubbly and lowercase letters like "a", "o", "g" etc... have a complete circle, which makes it more friendly and visually responds to the oval shape of baloon.
I additionally used a bit of the blur on the edges on a few letters, to look like they got "wet" dissolved on paper, to soften the contrast between the drawing and the text.


Thank you for your advice and sorry that I didn't notice your message until now.
Your correction looks much much better than my original work! I have never cared about the letters that much but yes, it works well with the balloon!