Session 1B | Nov 11, 2015

Session 1B | Nov 11, 2015

Exhibition poster

nouhaila zergane
poster IMG_3634


5 responses to “Exhibition poster”

  1. Neko says:

    Super nice! I will have some comments on this, but overall really great work!

  2. nouhaila zergane says:

    Thank you !

  3. Neko says:

    Hey I am working on commenting the images to students and suggesting improvements.
    Can you please upload to this post the background image, I would like to propose some things to your poster, too, and would like to use the original image without the text?

  4. Neko says:

    Ok, here are more comments.
    First I’d like to point out your excellent use of text as graphics. I actually I first wanted just to suggest you the following:
    – fix 23 April – 25 May so that it stays in one line.
    – move the entire textbox composition to one side so that the center of the image (which is the most intriguing part of it) remains clear and visible.

    Then I wanted to do something more like first image below, that breaks up things a little bit yet remaining ordered. This version also makes the drawing behind very visible.

    Then I wanted the other direction. In order to intent to show the drawing as it is, I simply filled the poster with text, and then used some key lines of the drawing to break the text. This works very well, because the drawing becomes a sort of force field that bends the “reality”. So even though a good part of the drawing is not visible (behind the text), by applying its force on the text, the drawing becomes much more potent. It’s technically a bit difficult to pull through, but I wanted to see how far we can push the idea of “multiverse”. That is indeed a fascinating idea, especially the possibility of having universes that are “almost like ours” – which is a visual theme for this poster I guess (the bottom version).
    At any rate, you’ve done a great job!

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