Session 1B | Nov 11, 2015

Session 1B | Nov 11, 2015


Nuria Hernanz


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  1. Neko says:

    This is close to be really good! I will suggest some improvements later tonight.

  2. Neko says:

    Hi Nuria, here go some comments. In general, everything I said to Daniel, who also chosen a topic of minimalism, it applies to you too. So I suggest you first read the comments I made for his work. I also made some suggestions, check the image below.
    Comments related to the image I posted:
    – In order to keep things simple, I left out your “Think differently’ slogan. Especially because it is too similar to “Think different.” by Apple, which is probably most famous slogan in the history of advertising (after Nike’s “Just do it.”).
    – Important thing when it comes to minimalism: your triangles are not very aligned. For example, see how the bottom left triangle “falls out” of the triangular composition. So you either need to align them perfectly (as I did in my sketch) or make them completely off. Remember, when you do something that’s ALMOST SOMETHING (in this case “almost aligned”) it will always be perceived as an error. So either do it perfectly well, or make sure it’s clear that your intention was NOT to align.
    – I felt the image was too big, so I made it a bit smaller.
    – Now the text.
    – At first, I chose this “blocky” font because using this font, each piece of text looks almost like a perfect rectangle (the same reason I used all upper case text). These “rectangles” work well with minimalist compositions because they are simple.
    – Group the text according to the meaning. So your name goes much better with the title of the exhibition, because if you put it near gallery name and address, it looks as it is YOUR address. Dates can go either way – with your name/title, or with gallery info. Or they can be separated from both.
    – Take a look how I emphasized your triangular composition by arranging text (above it) so that it continues the lines of the triangle (diagonal blue lines in the comment). This is the application of those “invisible implied lines” that I’ve been talking in class, and it greatly help us establish visual order.
    – The text below the triangle was difficult to arrange in the same way, because it would be too close to the edges of the poster.
    So I just aligned with the left and the right image of the triangle (vertical blue lines). Also see how the text is centered vertically in the white space below the triangle (orange arrows).
    This way we have a much more ordered composition that emphasizes the “simplicity” in your title.
    – I also did one thing that I can’t really justify, it just looked right: I added a slight gradient to the red triangle, so it gets darker near the bottom. I don’t know why, but it felt like a good idea and it looks nice. I usually don’t do things because just look nice, but sometimes, when they are details, I let myself go :)

    Also: you can download the new Illustrator file here, if you want to take a look:
    Click here to download AI file
    Please note that, since I assume you don’t have the same fonts as I do, I converted text to shapes so you can see it correctly (will talk more about that in class).

    Now the image:

  3. Nuria Hernanz says:

    wow i love it!!!!!!! thanks for the suggestions too, I’ll try to improve :)

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