Session 0A | Oct 27, 2015

Session 0A | Oct 27, 2015

Emotional graphics

Paula Lopez Vallespir




bird with plastic

Social consciense. The bird dead and covered in plastics evoque a strong message of how our behaviour with nature, our consumerism and lack of care with our waste its affecting the wildlife all over the world. I guess what this image is trying to porteray is guilt because we don´t actually know or care enough to where our waste ends up. Humans are the reason this world is changing for worse, and the fact that both, the bird and us are in the same ecosystem but we don´t actually give them the respect they deserve is going to affect us in the long run.


The fact that all the birds are in a single tree which is the center of attention of the image and is sorrounded by cutted trees sends a strong message of how we are affecting the wildlife. The trees that are our source of oxygen and life are disappearing because of our actions. The contrast of colors of light blue and dark green gives the idea that nature is changing, plus the background of cutted trees is a symbol of our selfishness and greed- how we don´t care for the consequences of our actions. The popping message with the bird trying to recall he attention of the reader emphasizing the message of ¨where is the ecosystem going when we finally destroy what is theirs¨.


What is touching in this video is the fact that you will think of kids and how the bad in this world could affect them by hearing them singing on the background, but there is always the other side of the story where there is also good in this world. The huge contrast in the numbers mentioned and images creates a mix of feelings which will leave you thinking what can be done to this world to make it better. All the wars created by adults fighting for money and land affects the life of thousands of people and also kids, and the contrast in the options given in the video makes us ask to ourselves what makes the human being select the wrong one?

Pantene achieved its mission to send the message of perseverance in this video, how she against all odds completes her goal. For anyone watching this video what they would see is how hard work pays off and the phrase “It always seems impossible until it’s done”  by Nelson Mandela comes perfectly into place because first we need to take the first step. I believe that what gives a stronger message is that any person can relate to her and her thrive to achieve her goal.


Kalashnikov is a book of Alberto Vazuez Figueroa. What is touching in this image is the presence of a gun in front of the innocence of a child, which represents exactly how life for this kids in Africa is affected by the violence of organised bands which rape, kidnap and slave this kids. Not only this happens in Africa, but all around the world and this book cover transmits the pain that all of this kids have to suffer and endure in their life. The amazing thing about this cover is that it directly sends the message to the reader about the topic of the book.


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