Emotional graphics

Class 0A
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“Tree Trunk & Elephant’s Foot”

The first graphic depicts two things that are joined as one- a tree trunk and an elephant’s foot. The image is centered in a white background, and is the only focus on the graphic. Although the graphic is simple, it conveys a very strong message to viewers: if we cut down trees, we will not only kill forests, but the life that is within them as well. It is the successful combination of the two previously mentioned elements- the tree trunk and the elephant’s foot, that question the viewer and enable them to open their minds to various interpretations- all which arrive to the same conclusion; killing forests bring tremendous consequences.

Logo Africa

“Hope for African Children Initiative”

This graphic, “Hope for African Children Initiative” is one of the logos for the Global Movement for Children. At first sight, this logo is the map of the African continent, but upon a closer look, one realizes that a young child is looking up to his/her mother. It is known that millions of African children suffer from various tragic reasons- they are orphaned by AIDS, are abandoned by sick or dying parents, etc.
Elements such as contrast, color and shape help convey the advertisement’s meaning. The contrast between the orange tones and the white background – without the need of adding detail- create a strong scenery. The silhouettes of both the mother and child give a sense of anonymity- meaning that they could be any mother and child from Africa. The simple design of the graphic, the sober colors and the composition, successfully demonstrate the purpose of their cause.

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“Humans are not tools”

The graphic depicts a large tool box, filled with humans inside it. The message becomes clear immediately, since we know that tool boxes are to be filled with tools- not humans. The graphic intends to call the attention of those who do not respect their employees working hours- and at the same time, remind viewers that we all have the same rights. Us, humans, are not tools- we are simply part of the construction process.

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“Liking isn’t helping”

The image portrays a tragic and ironic scene. A mother is holding a child who is suffering in her arms. The fact that the image has no color immediately evokes a sense of sorrow and melancholy, since there is no color to make the scene look happy. The mother and child are the main focus the graphic, since they are placed right in the center of the visual. They are both surrounded by, numerous “thumbs up”, or as we would call “likes” in social media. The hands, somehow create a kind of focal lens, dragging in the viewer’s attention towards the center. This graphic contains a double entendre- since a thumbs up in media is considered the ‘like’ symbol. The caption “Liking isn’t helping” makes it clear that, liking a picture such as this one in social media won’t help the people in it.

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“Your skin color shouldn’t dictate your future”

This powerful advertisement for Licra shows three babies who, based on their skin color, have a future defined for them. Advertisements against racism usually make a contrast between people of different colored skins, in order to indicate the social, economic and cultural differences that exist between them nowadays. In this graphic, the Licra campaign calls for racial equality. No baby should be limited, neither economically nor socially- from the moment of their birth.
Perhaps the most important element in the graphic is the middle child’s working uniform- since it directly tells viewers that a career has already been chosen for him, without his consent. Racist ideals should not dictate or limit anybody’s future.On the other hand, the two white babies are wearing no uniform or clothes at all; meaning that, they are free to choose their career path in life- without any constraints.
This strong graphic is a wake up call for all post-racial societies.



Woooow! Nice Job!


The one of the elephant is really touching because it's true that when we touch and ecosystem we are also affecting the life in it.