Emotional Graphics

Class 0A

i. Content.
I do not know if this is an actual picture or not, regardless it is here because of how content and embedded its two figures are. Staring deep into one another’s stories as if at this particular moment in time, nothing else matters; not the fact that they are in free fall, not that blue around them, not even the insane beauty that is the horizon, nothing. All that seems to matter right here, is the connection they have, its sheer purity is powerfully evoked by the blue hue and smooth white distancing itself from them. This is what love should should feel like, like this picture. Pure, and connected.


ii. The Loud Silence.
There is a certain beauty to being alone. A certain bust of creativity that rushes underneath my skin, it is almost like having a the entirety of a celestial body living within you, the warmth of a thousand stars, the colours of a thousand galaxies. A climatic build up towards euphoria. These are colours that you not only see, you feel them, you hear them. A bright sound growing louder and louder as the colours dance faster and faster and faster and faster within you until the creativity seeps out of your skin to whatever you let it be: a painting, a melody, a cry, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you bring the colours into this world, it makes our planet just a little bit lighter. Ars Longa, Vita Breve.


iii. The Cosmos Around Us.
The only reason that this made it to the five graphics is because of how tailored it is to one of my greatest fascinations, the universe. There is simply too much out there that we have no idea about. The uncertainty, the beauty, the imperfection, the stars, the emptiness, the relativity, how can one not be fascinated by what lies beyond the atmosphere? This picture however, explores this fascination from a whole new perspective. Usually when concepts of interstellar travel are explored, futuristic space ships are inserted into view. But here we are, a simple aircraft you could fly out to Paris with is flying you across the Andromeda galaxy, a complex matter met with simplicity. Genius.


iv. The New Ku Klux Klan.
Where to begin, the rage, the disgust, the blood of the innocent. As a black person that has lived in the United States of America, all I can say is, a country where any population feels more threatened than protected by the police is a broken one. No liberty, no equality, no brotherhood. The very ideals of the ‘enlightened’ western philosophy that gave birth to the French Revolution are STILL a juxtaposition in America today. How can a man gun down a 17 year old boy in cold blood because the kid was black, had a hoodie on, and get away with it? Acquitted of all charges. Living in America I never felt safe with the police anywhere in sight. I know that because I am black, any sudden movements can result (not in an arrest, rather) a bullet put in my back. And I know that the broken justice system will never grant me the justice I, or any of my brothers killed in this manner would have deserved. The American justice system is the Ku Klux Klan reborn.


v. Looking Back at my Childhood Like…
I want to go back, but I know I can not swim that far. I can see it as if it were right by me again, yet it pays no mind to me again. It has caught its last fish and turned off its colours. Its getting ready to leave completely. I mean when it was with me I couldn’t wait for it to leave, but now, now I wish I had a few more years, months, days with it. I see other people trying to swim back to it, but it is too late now. Lets just go and party like the men we now are…


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