Class 1C



As I  thought my ideas were poor, during the last class I kept working on some new ideas, here are the sketches I did:


With this idea, i wanted to focus on the devastation that nucear weapons (and most of the weapons) provoke… then I realized that this idea focused mainly on the ”material consequences” of nuclear weapons, and not in the human factor, which I consider is more important.


This idea is more focused on how the human has evolved, and also focuses on how as the human evolution took place, the weapons that are used, have also evolved.


Another example of ”the material consequences” of nuclear weapons. With this, I wanted to show how shocking it would be if some of the most well-known landmarks of some cities all around the world were destroyed.


Unfortunately, I haven't seen most of these sketches before. If I did, we could probably work together on polishing your final poster into something truly excellent. You know I was very critical of you when commenting on your poster, but that's only because I've seen you have a great talent, and I guess the only reason why the poster is not quite there is because we didn't have enough chance to talk about these sketches and your work in progress. My suggestion, in future,try to post sketches regularly, and ask me more questions in class, so you can iterate and get constant feedback - which is the best way to learn and improve :)