Class 00


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Day 1


I feel as this is a very interesting pictures because of the contrast between the different tones of blue in solid, liquid and air which makes it very eye-catching. The picture has a very sharp contrast which makes the iceberg details stand out. Another eye-catching detail of this picture is how the colours make it seem as it’s been separated into 4 squares.

Day 2


This picture is truly striking for me. William Klein did a series of coloured contact sheets to show the enjoyment of bright colours on top of black and white photography, this makes the colours attract attention. I feel as he wasn’t scared of ruining the picture the most important part for him was to have fun and make a unique composition which is the most outstanding feature about this picture.

Day 3


I love how Jacob Sutton has verily put any definition in this picture, and it’s monochromatic light of grey scale colour makes the picture feel very calm and at peace but at the same time expressive and powerful. As the picture is been taken underwater, it makes the girl seems like she is floating around, this is what I feel gives that waveless feeling. I feel as this picture symbolizes the separation of being underwater where it’s silent and calm to the busy world outside.

Day 4


This picture is by Silvia Grav. I personally love black and white photography and this photograph in particular is very unique as it’s blurry, dark and seems a bit surreal. However you can still see the outline of the cat, so she’s been able to keep the realism and combined it with a dream like image. Personally, I think it expresses a dreamy picture which I am really fond of.

Day 5


The texture of this image is fascinating, it looks so surreal and expressive. The mixture of cold colours and it’s movement gives an underwater sensation which makes it feel at peace.

Day 6


Love the mixture of bright colours, It looks very digital and unique. The waves or curves made are very abstract. It’s gives a strange and bizarre feeling, I find this picture very fascinating.


Thanks for posting this, Monica, looking really good: both your work in school and the examples you posted for the homework. I especially like the fact that, as you observe these photos more closely, you seem to get to understand the artists, and the decisions they've made while making these images. Keep up the great work.
Thank you!
Images #5, #6 : Nice excursion into psychedelic abstraction :)