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Schermata 2016-11-22 alle 00.17.24 pond correct trial 22.

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THE lost identity

(one, no one, one hundred thousand – Pirandello)

Final DCC

People’s personalities are inevitably shaped by an exterior, inescapable and maybe illusory society. We are “One, no one and a hundred thousand” as our infinite identities, are captured by individuals around us in thousands of different ways. These thousands ways at times profoundly collide with that one image our minds have developed of “ourselves” through the years. It happens then, almost unconsciously, that we start to wonder about which of those sharp cut pieces hides our true self. That we start to sense that inner feeling of belonging to “no one” and slowly fade into the grey and inexpressive world of disorientation, in this case represented by the missing shadow of the main subject.


Work in progress, images 1 and 2, there are few improvements that can be made. 1- Change render background color to some dark blue. This will give you contrast between the background and the figure (and it will show in rendering). 2- Make the pond walls more shallow. Currently there is too much stone visible above the water, which will duplicate in reflection. Currently you have too much wall, to little reflection and sky. So your people may not be visible in reflection at all (like in image #2, showing only the wall in the reflection). 3 - You may want to decide one more thing about composition: whether you want the composition to show equally what's above the water and the reflection (like it is now), or move it up or down to give more emphasis on either above or the water. I assume you want to look down a bit to show more reflection as this is where the "action" take place, but may not be necessary, just a suggestion. Of course, you'll want to use different 3D people (and rotate them differently) to get more variety in your reflection. Very much looking forward to the next iteration! PS. Try making a sphere and add it pure white material + white emission color (in advanced settings), then try to position it in such way that it enters the reflection.