Session 0B | Oct 28, 2015

Session 0B | Oct 28, 2015


Laura Martinez Moraleda
image  Negative shape and low contrast  

Asymetry and diagonal

  Rule of thirds and closure  Edge alignment, dramatic Class work: light movement and closure
 Depth dark static


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  1. Neko says:

    Speedy Laura the first to post again! Good although slightly risky composition with glasses: putting the Lami two ink right in the middle gives impression of a very static composition, but the glasses add the movement. The second image, while interesting idea, could use a better cropping, try something in photoshop and post again.
    Don’t forget to write down the keywords below each image.
    For the first one, it was: “light movement closure”, the second one “dark depth static”

    • Neko says:

      By the way, when I say “better cropping” I meant both to make horizontal and verticals more accurate, as well as different proportions between the elements. But at any rate, I would advise for this exercise to take images of FLAT 2D compositions, and not the ones of space (you’ll have the opportunity to take photos of space in one of the later exercises).

      • Laura Martinez Moraleda says:

        Thank you so much for the feedback Neko! I totally abandoned the “depth” and focused on the 2D pictures wich made it much easier :)
        I tried to align the edges of the knifes but seems like it didn’t turned out so well hahaha
        I actually didn’t put any filters! The orange must be because of the huge box of cookies that was on the table, for the deep cold purple I have no explanation.

  2. Neko says:

    Edge alignment, dramatic: I like your minimalism, and this is a very good looking image, but I am not seeing edge alignment in this. As for the “dramatic” part, the combination of visual effect (diagonals, sharp forms) and symbolic meaning (knife) works very well, as both feel dramatic, and there is nice tension between the two.

    • Neko says:

      On second viewing, I must admit that there is some feeling of edge alignment, although not what typically comes to mind when I think of that concept (typically edge alignment refer to things such, say, aligning elements on a web page, or buildings along the street). Btw – did you put some filter on that photo, because we can see very clearly the presence of color in light and shadows (warm yellow/orange in lit areas, and deep cold purple in shadows)?

  3. Neko says:

    Rule of thirds and closure: Again, very nice image, but I think you didn’t understand the “rule of 1/3” – and in fact, looks like no-one understood it, that’s why I kept that keyword for two days already. Please read the comment I posted on Adrián’s post as it completely applies to your image, too :)

    • Neko says:

      Another comment, this time on closure: While your hairpins do make an effect of closure, I would say that you could have made the same (or more) effect using less pins, something like the attached image (please note that my image illustrates closure, but still fails to address the rule of 1/3). Life is to short to make complicated things :)

      • Laura Martinez Moraleda says:

        I read the comment on Adrian’s post and I think I got the concept better, I hope tomorrow’s composition with the 1/3 rule will be what you are expecting from us :)
        Got it! Hopefully by the 5th pictures using all of the advices there will be some progress.
        PS: I really hope we will get to learn how to use photoshop that well!!

      • Neko says:

        Yes, you WILL learn to use Photoshop, of course, and very soon! :) But that’s the easiest part, learning software. This part about compositions and form is the difficult one, but this is what will make you a designer while someone who just knows how to use Photoshop will be, well… computer operator. :)
        Looking forward to see the next image! :)

  4. Neko says:

    Asymetry and diagonal: Interesting image, I wish it was more asymmetric; the way we do it, you still have two objects of similar size and shape on each side. The red shoe is much more intense contrasted with the background which gives an image the asymmetry, but the way the objects are laid out is still too static. Interestingly, I found out to my surprise that most studnents have problems with asymmetry, as if they are “afraid” of it… Try finding more extreme expression of asymmetry, and don’t be afraid to leave a part of the image empty.

  5. Neko says:

    Negative shape and low contrast: Beautiful image. Smart use of negative shape, and the contrast is in general very low, although there IS that very bright line… But yes, we can argue this is just an accent and that the image has very low contrast in general. Very nice!

  6. Neko says:

    Plants photo: This is very close to be a really nice images, but there are a couple of details (for example, the reflections of the ceiling lamp) that ruin it a little bit. :)

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