Session 0B | Nov 02, 2015

Session 0B | Nov 02, 2015


Ana Corina de la Fuente





Dark, Depth, Static.


Calm, Rhythm.


Edge Aligment, Dramatic.


Rule Of Thirds, Closure.


Asymmetry, Rule of Thirds.


Asymmetry, Diagonal.


Negative Shape, Low Contrast.


Make a beautiful image.


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  1. Neko says:

    Calm, Rhythm: This is very good composition, and it does have a nice rhythm to it, but I wouldn’t call it calm, at least not visually, because there is a strong asymmetry and feeling of movement. I assume you considered “calming” effect of the plant, but that’s a symbolic meaning (which is true, plants have calming effect), but in this example calming symbolic meaning is contrasted by dynamic visual effect, so the end result is not that calm. Always think about these things, the combination of meanings: symbolic (what you represent) and visual (how you organize forms in abstract way).

    • Ana Corina de la Fuente says:

      Hi Neko! First, thanks for your feed back. In my first composition I wasn’t sure of difference between the symbolic and the visual meaning but, after your explanation, I understood it. In my second composition, I tried to use your advice by focusing on the visual effect and my idea was using the shadows as part of the edges and to give a dramatic effect. Once again, thank you for your help!

      • Neko says:

        The difference between the symbolic meaning and purely visual effect is a difficult concept to grasp when people start studying visual arts, that’s one of the reasons I’m insisting on abstract compositions based on very abstract (and technical) keywords. We start by purely visual exercises (because these are for most of the students a new way of looking at things), and later this semester we will gradually introduce more and more symbolic elements.
        BTW – Nice image of crackers, very nice detail. Closure also works, although I imagine it would work even more if you’ve eaten a bit more crackers and did something like this:

      • Ana Corina de la Fuente says:

        I perfectly understand the idea of the way you are organizing the semester and the concepts we are learning through it. I’m glad you liked my composition and yes, it would have been a better picture with your idea! Hope I keep improving

      • Neko says:

        “Hope I keep improving” -> Yes, you are! Great that you are posting regularly here, because you can get a lot of feedback and I see you’re getting better with every new image that you post.

  2. Neko says:

    EDGE ALIGMENT, DRAMATIC: This is excellent concept, and really responds well to the keywords, but -as I’ve commented to several other students already- you should pay more attention to detail. This looks more like a “sketch for a good image” rather than a “good image” in itself, and the reasons is that by using imprecise material, the edge alignment really gets lost, plus the shadows and the highlights on the bag themselves act as a distracting visual element. Which is a shame, because the idea behind the composition is really good, but -again as I tell to many students- the details are really important as they can change the image tremendously.

  3. Neko says:

    ASYMMETRY, RULE OF THIRDS: Excellent asymmetry. Rule of 1/3 not quite there, read the comment I wrote on Adrián’s post on Rule of 1/3, and you’ll see why (so far all of you who posted rule of 1/3 made same sort of mistake, which leads me to think I didn’t explain it very well in class) :)

  4. Ana Corina de la Fuente says:

    Thank you, once again, for your great feedback! On the ASYMMETRY, RULE OF THIRDS composition I tried to arrange the objects near the imaginary lines created when we divide the imagine because I read it before doing the composition and I thought I was the rule was there.

    • Neko says:

      ASYMMETRY, DIAGONAL: Excellent photo, everything is there!
      But you know I will always find something to comment on :) and this time I just feel the image would be even better if the bowl circular shape was centered – right now it’s slightly off to the left and to the bottom, which gives an image some instability, because it looks as if it was mistake. It’s perfectly ok for this shape to be completely centered, because you have the spoon which gives a strong asymmetry to the image.
      Watch out for visual elements that are “almost something” : almost centered, almost aligned or almost fitting the image, for example, because they will always look like a mistake or lack of care for detail. So when you have an “almost” situation, make sure you either go for it and make it a “completely something” (centered, aligned) or “completely NOT something” (very much off center, completely non-aligned, etc…). Not sure if I’m explaining myself well here, but I might touch upon this subject in class.
      Otherwise, great image, and you’re showing huge improvements with every new image you post.

  5. Neko says:

    As for Asymmetry, rule of 1/3, here’s an example of the same image but with better rule of 1/3 composition:

    • Neko says:

      So basically the objects are aligned near the ‘invisible’ lines, not inside of the spaces that the lines create. And the plug is pulled all the way to the edge of the screen to pronounce the asymmetry.

      • Ana Corina de la Fuente says:

        Thank you for your comments! I’m really happy you liked the ASYMMETRY, DIAGONAL composition and next time I’ll be more aware of those details (I perfectly understood your explanation). And I still have some doubts on the ASYMMETRY, RULE OF THIRDS composition but I think it will be easier to speak in class :)

  6. Neko says:

    The eggs: Really good idea, and very smart representation of negative shape. I have only one comment, but I will not tell you which – try to guess for yourself what I’d want to criticise on this image (hint: I already wrote you the same comment for another image). :)
    And rule of 1/3 = I’ll elaborate more in class :)

  7. Ana Corina de la Fuente says:

    Thank you Neko! I’m very glad you liked the picture and I guess my mistake is that the box itself is a little tilted. I made the same mistake because I was too focused on having the edges of the pictures well :( .. Hope I nailed it on the last one !

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