Session 0B | Nov 08, 2015

Session 0B | Nov 08, 2015


Paula Lopez Vallespir
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Dramatic, grouped, depth:



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Edge, dramatic, aligment:



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Dark, depth, static:




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Asymmetry, diagonal:



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Light, movement, clousure:



One response to “COMPOSITIONS”

  1. Neko says:

    Dramatic, grouped, depth: Interesting image, maybe could be made more dramatic through more movement or having one object even more dominant (although the hair clip does act nicely as a dominant shape).

    Edge, dramatic, aligment: This is nicely dramatic and dynamic. Maybe not seeing much “edge alignment” (by the way, it’s one keyword, not two :))

    Dark, depth, static: This one is too dynamic, with asymmetry and the diagonals.

    Asymmetry, diagonal: Good! It could have even more asymmetry, if you’d put all the cards on one side of the wood box.

    Light, movement, clousure: Nice closure and movement. The light, well you interpreted it with the “sources of light”, but what the keyword light actually mean is an image that has predominantly light shade (ie. close to white), and your image is in general quite dark.

    Another comment: this exercise would have been MUCH more useful if you made and posted one image in a day as you would have had time to think and slowly “get” these concepts one by one. Plus you could take advantage of my comments to apply that to every new image and improve of the days. Just a suggestion for next homeworks! :)

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