Color Spectrum

Class 00

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1. The fastest growing tree

Schermata 2016-10-19 alle 15.14.57

I had to create this tree on sketch up in 5 minutes, and as a result it may somehow recall the shape and size of a real one thanks to the human figure present in the image.

2. The magic helmet

image2 image3

I had fun in this activity trying to imagine a helmet as a totally different object. I imagined it as a book shelf, cat bed(since they enjoy small and closed spaces), a laundry bag(which may be opened and closed), a baby bed and as a lamp!


1. Come, observe.


This image was taken by me on a trip to Costa Rica back in 2011. After revsing it and focuing on the visual impressions it transmitts me,  I really appreciate how the intensity of colors give me a sense of deepness. The dark green trees seem to be curtains in a theatre, delimitating the best space that yet has to come. In fact, the foreground elements (trees) are the only visual obstacle that separate the viewer from the main focus of the image: the amazing waterfall in the backround! Thanks to a great contrast of colors between the dark green of the trees and the very light colors of waterfall which seem to be fading as the  viewer tries to look beyond, we get a real sense of deepness and greatness. Furthormore, I was amused by how, even though in real life this subject represents great movement and continuity, it feels as if time has stopped and calmess and peace reigns.

2. 上海 (messy rainbow)


I have taken this picture percisely yesterday! Shanghai is an amazing city and this shot gives it the impression I had of it. The different colored lights of every building, enlighten at 7pm, transforming this plane river into an amazing rainbow of different colors. The reflections on the water surface serve as a medium to concentrate and highlight the different buildings and attractions. What I really find beautiful is the harmony  between all the different colors present. I usuallly get the impression, that when there are too many diverse colors, without a specific objective, I feel something is wrong or messy, but here, it just works!

In conclusion, another thing I noted is that what really gives emphasis to the main subjetct (buildings) is the fact that the  top (sky) and bottom (river) of the image are of the same dark tonality, almost inviting the subject to shine even more!

3. Passion


It is amazing to realize how simple things can transmit so much… Looking closely at this image I was able to notice much more than 4 simple leaves. The constrast between the only two colors present is of great impact. The fact that the background and the subject are on the same level makes the leaves somehow  stand out.  It evokes a simply joyful state of mind and passion!

4. Underwater ferocity


The tiger is one of the most powerful animals, and in this underwater shot, his greatness and ferocity are depicted through a delicate combination of colors. The orange is able to stand up against the light blu of the sea, forcing the eye to concentrate on the tiger. A movement is created and can be noted from the bubbles that leave the animal’s mouth, the fur, teeth and paws.

5.  confusion


I feel New York is a very chaotic city, which has strangely an harmonic balance. I took this picture trying to represent my impressions of it. I feel the blurred lights of the buildings give this impression of movement and confusion, even though, at the same time the outline of the buildings remain as firm shapes, which give stillness and a sense of pleasant and controlled harmony. Furthermore, the colors have all the same tonality, highlighting once again this cohesion between chaos and stillness.


Great work! Love the tree :) Also very good photos and insightful comments that combine the visual and symbolic (form and content - more on this in our next class).