Session 4C | May 04, 2016

Session 4C | May 04, 2016

Close up Hero Sketches

Muhammad Amin Abdullahi

The proposed design will be 3d printed in an imitation of white ceramics, which will be in parts then put together. I have started by reserving the 3d printer for later this afternoon (Thursday May 5th).


Also I created the layers in the rhino file in different parts of the modelĀ  that after printed will be easily put together.

new doc 13_1new doc 13_2 new doc 13_3


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  1. Neko says:

    Great, you really made sure to 3D print sooner than later! :)
    I like the sketches, the most appealing being the one with the noodles. Which has a misfortunate downside that the lid is not displayed. Which again inspired me to think that doing something extra with the lid while it’s not put on could have been another (missed?) opportunity to strengthen the concept.
    On a more practical level, I see you plan to have a kitchen in the background – do you already have in mind a concrete location where you can take this photo?

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