Session #1

Class 00


5 min drawing assignment:

My Tree


Soap soap soap



#1) Beauty of Unfamiliarity


In a canvas of one color you can easily visualize something different, unfamiliar something that catches the eye from first sight and that is the albino child. This essence of “strange” is what I love about this picture. Although we should refrain from focusing on the content but it’s important to mention that they view the albino child as friend and playground mate other than someone that is shamed for the disorder he was born with. The innocence and unconditional love in this picture gives the image more beauty and purity.

2#) Parallelism


The street lamps that are portrayed in this image align in a way that shows a constant line that has an unknown end, as if the two lines are racing each other towards the finish line at full speed. That is what grasps my attention. I love that there is this consistent pattern of light in a dark background while the moon, being bigger but same color, stands out of that pattern.

#3) Twisting Towers


The intertwining of the two towers gives this picture beauty as if they are two snakes that are rotating around each other. What boosts the attractiveness in this photograph are the different shades of blue that give a majestic and delightful feeling. It looks ironic because it seems like the building is under the ocean yet is surrounded by land objects such as people, cars and trees.

#4) Blend in


The swaying motion of the lines in a random manner relaxes the eye somehow and that’s what appeals to me in this picture. These curves intersect in a slight and smooth way to form irregular shapes. I love how the different colors are blending together to give this mysterious appearance. This blending produces a gradient of colors that increase in brightness and intensity. The change in brightness of the colors gives the picture life in some parts and dullness in other parts.

#5)Colors speak louder than words

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

It is easy to spot color in a grayscale canvas. The beauty I find in this photograph is that it portrays a black and white background with one splash of color. I love how the rosy color of the flowers are the center of attention in this image and can be perceived due to the surrounding its contained in. Other than that, the dark colored window centered in the middle gives a great contrast to the bright colors it is surrounded with.

#6)Rila Monastery


Rila Monastery is one of the most breath taking places you could visit in my country (Aka Bulgaria). What amazes me about this place and this picture is the richness in colors of the figures that are drawn on the walls and ceilings. They are drawn with so much precision and delicacy. In the image the ceiling’s high elevation and the stretched walls add beauty and spaciousness to a hall that is narrow in width. The size of the people compared to the halls emphasizes on that idea. Having seen it personally, I’m always moved by the ancient architecture and design of this Monastery.  Its beautiful.

#7) Ovech Fortress 


When I look at this image I try to trace the path of the bridge that moves in a crooked manner and reaches a point in the far distance. I love the 3D perspective in this image that gives no walls or boundaries to the area. The presence of the man in the middle of the bridge emphasizes on the spaciousness of the surroundings. In addition, the contrast between the dull colors of grey and brown with the bright colors of red and green gives the image a striking appearance that’s why I think its beautiful.


Photos #1-#3: Very good start, thanks for posting. I like your comments, especially for the image #2 (the moon/street lights), because there you've focused the most at purely visual elements of the image and relationships between them (as opposed to try to read the symbolical meaning of the image, as you did in #1). For this exercise we want, as much as we can, to ignore impulse to analyise the "meaning" of the image and try only to look its visuals. During the next class I will elaborate why we'd want to do that, and give you much more information on how to actually do it. In the meantime, it may be helpful if you could try and find an example of abstract image that you like, just for the sake of the exercise :) Thanks!
Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you liked my work so far. I will search for some abstract photos for my next post and try to highlight on the visual elements.